Wired colors seedling

I’ve feedwater them two days ago after only giving them water
My small plant keep looking like that and that’s sad
My humility around 55
Got 120w led light ,Cycle18hr
Hope she’ll get better

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Is that 100% coco? If coco or soil is it amended with nutrients or raw? Looks hungry, water a ring around the base about a 6” diameter to promote root growth. If the medium is amended with nutrients, water only if it’s raw untreated then fertilizer in the range of 500 PPMs and PH 5.8-6.2 for coco :love_you_gesture:


Yeah that’s coco with perlite


Yup get that lady a snack. Coco is an inert (empty) medium so feeding from day one (1/4 strength if you want to be safe) is usually recommended.