Wintertime love anyone?

Hello sindog216 here

Has anyone grown decent weed outside in winter? I’m thinking with a greenhouse and find a way to keep the ground warm somehow…has anyone else out there thought like this?


In NE Ohio btw and got some g13 autos with homemade soil and compost. It’s notorious for swings in weather temps really all year round lol but still can be brutal. Just wanna hear if anyone has outsmarted Jack Frost :cold_face:

I’m growing some in a greenhouse currently :))


You’ll need to keep the air temperature above freezing. A freeze here or there is no biggie on mature plants, but will probably kill plants that are too young. I’m currently finishing my grow in a mostly unheated greenhouse. I have a propane heater when it gets too cold. I have at least 1 ft of actively decomposing mulch throughout my greenhouse and I recently surrounded the greenhouse with decomposing mulch. It’s kept above freezing. I’ll harvest my final plants at the end of Dec.



@Sammys oh really what kind of setup?

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@Fewshin yeah i can dig allthe mulch and the setup forsure. Are those autos btw?

@Fewshin your greenhouse material judging by pics is very close to how ill do my own

Oh great, I’d be happy to tell you how I did it. 10 photos and two are autos, the sun cycle is like 11L/13D right now. You might need to add a lightbulb for the upcoming winter. This is my first cannabis grow, I have decent plant knowledge beyond that. This was my weather through Oct. until yesterday.

Setup looks a bit more different now. Has heater, dehumidifier, etc.