Winters comin, how ya gonna keep em warm?


So i have shed grow, with no insulation and bringing the grow inside is not possible. I dont want to run a space heater out there IF i can avoid it. So im trying to gather safe , cost efficient ideas for keeping them warm. I remember when i had a water bed it would over heat the hole upstairs, It would get so hot you couldnt lay on it., ice cold or hellish HOT, NO FUNso thought about looking for a water bed heater to put on the floor of the grow space. Thought about a water tank with a submersible heater to use the radiant heat. I thought of taking some electric heating pad and either sitting each pot on one or wrapping pad around each pot. Im new so i would appreciate some tried and true techniques from some experienced growers. Thanks my Bruthas
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These are ceramic reptile heaters can keep a pretty big space 75 ° with air flow. These work great for me.

over a 100 Square Feet



Just turn your HPS on and let the hot air vent into the shed instead of outside.

Every winter I take my venting for my 600w MH and move it so that its shooting the hot air into the grow room (basement). It helps keep the temps above 60F for me. I used to run 2 600w HID fixtures, and that kept everything at exactly 70F, it was perfect for me. Just a suggestion!


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Right now my HIDs are heating my *bedroom and keeping their tents in the low to mid-70s while they do it but when it gets a little colder they going to start heating their own room

I’m going to put in some kind of a splitter in my in-line vent device so I can divert some or all heat into or all of the grow room

I’m dealing with this right now myself and I’m doing a full redesign to boot and I’d like some input as well …great topic!

*Edit: the grow room is currently venting into the floor vent and coming out on the other side of the wall to heat my bedroom, my grow area is not in my bedroom, I have a designated room

what I’m trying to point out is in the winter I am going to just continue to keep the hid heat in the grow room instead of heating my bedroom like I am now, in Fall I do 5050 or some certain percent of diverting the heat to the living area and starting next summer I’m going to switch to 100% LEDs in both flower and veg to lower heat, so that’s my plan …hope that helps!


Good suggestion Soilgro , and i like it. My question is, cant the plants see infared and mess up the flower cycle in the dark period? I could work it out with a divider of sorts but was curoius about the infared?


You can angle it so it it pointing away. And is a not light infra red . Made for plants and animals.


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Problem is I don’t have a high-power sodium light but was thinking of getting a low-wattage one for the veg side of my tent then I would have the option to move it to the flower side when I didn’t have anything in veg of course I would have a metal halide in it when it was in the veg side


That being said I have a divider in my tent it is a 48 inch long x 36 wide tent but 12 inches of it is sectioned off , light tight, with a shelf in it to put plants for veg the 36-inch side is where I am flowering. I was thinking i might be able to alternate light schedules for the most part , having flower side on venting heat into the veg side of the tent while the veg light is off. Then when the flower lights are off the veg side is on and venting into the flower side to keep them warm. But since you mention it i could divert some heat into the shed from each side of the tent ao it would basically have some heat inside the shed which encumbrances the tent like an incubator. It wasnt very cold last year so maybe it will be just enough to make everything copacetic


Anyone think a 150-300 watt hps/mh lamp in a veg tent section that is 12" L ×36"W×60"H would be safe for the tent and seedlings