Winter weather climate folks, CO2 Warning!

Just a friendly reminder and observation:

Now that winter is upon us in the northern hemisphere, make sure to tone down
the CO2 in your tents if you’re using room air into your tents. This is only for us
chilly folks with Propane, Butane and Natural Gas furnaces.

My furnace kicked on the other day for the first time and I thought nothing of it.
I checked my tent and saw a 1400 spike in CO2. Usually I’m running around
900 - 1200 at max and average is 860 with a Milk jug sugar and yeast generator.

I was shocked to see it at 3600. Blew my mind.
…away to the window I made my mad dash, threw open the shutters and fell
out on my ass… oops. At least my mind is in the Christmas spirit.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t make it to the window fast enough. I let it air out and
sat down to figure what happened. Ah, the furnace! The gas fuel was adding CO2
to the room and with it being on the floor, CO2 being 1.60 times heavier it was accumulating
in the tent as the air was being pulled in. Temps were OK so I didn’t need my exhaust on
a very high level. However, this is dangerous to pets, kids and adults alike. If you’ve been
feeling anxious, headaches, loss of apatite, irritable, moody and sleepy this may be the
reason why. Check your levels and have a good Christmas or which ever holiday you

Just wanted to give everyone a chuckle and to report an observation I made. But is all
seriousness, CO2 over exposure can cause a slew of problems so I just wanted to give
everyone a heads up, something to look out for and a laugh.

Best wishes to everyone,
Kindest regards,