Winter weather and keeping the girls warm

Anyone else awake right now trying to keep their crop from freezing?

It’s -7F 2 inches from my grow on the other side of the garage door right now.

Woke up and my senor alerts were going off saying 64F and dropping.

Garage temps range from the 40s near the door to 71 on the other side of the room.

I have an oil heater maybe 5" from the intakes. I brought a second heater in to try and help but it’s the open coil type and I don’t trust them so here I am sitting in a dark garage(lights out) baby sitting the plants by the glow of the additional heater at 2:30am.

Temps are coming up ranging from 57F to 70F depending on the sensor. The two ac infinity sensors are ranging higher than the sensor push units. But temps are coming up.

Little stressed out all day about this. Some areas are getting rolling blackouts but knock on wood that hasn’t happened yet here.


Ugh! That sucks. Just try and keep them as warm as possible. If you can, make the grow space as small as you can so the heaters will be more effective.

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I didn’t get much sleep. luckily we didn’t get hit with any rolling blackouts. I’ve got some moving blankets up over the door and tried to seal any gaps. thankful we shouldn’t have any sub zero temps tonight. I think we saw -12F last night.

I have a 4x8 a 4x4 and two 2x2 clone tents in a 12x30ish space.

If we were still in cali this would be much easier. :rofl: our doors were frozen shut this morning.

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I grew up in Colorado and spent 6 years in Kansas… I LOVE being in Cali but even now, we are getting down to 32 at night… I know… not bad but still LOL!

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I grew up on the beach in cali and haven’t seen the ocean in over 5 years. :cry:

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We get rolling blackouts here when it’s super hot… the ‘renewable energy’ plan isn’t working so well…

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The demand on the system is just to much. So many people.

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