Winter Seed Deliveries

you are replying to the WRONG PERSON

@Cannabian we got all sizes in our may want to try another suggestions would be .,music or German red.both grow bigger heads and huge toes.even German white grows some impressive big bulbs.all three are easy growing with awesome results.
We only grew two varieties,Italian purple skin and German white.the Italian is a nice even taste sort of a general all purpose garlic.the German white is much stronger.
Eat stink be proud

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Sorry @Buckster ! Here let me send you some flowers…


Dude this is an open forum and sometimes they go off track for a few rounds. It’s all good. Trust me they knew who they were replying to.

They should be fine. I have some in my deep freezer and they do well every year.
Happy growin,

Thanks for the explanation. I ended up blocking them.