Winter plans. Lighting and heat usage

Just curious as to others strategy for the winter months. We here in the high plains get amazing drops in both temps and humidity. What i did first year back was switch all my tents to nights. The light temps assist our central air and saves that. During the day house sits on 68 and tents regulate to there. I found right away that We had to roast my grow room at night being a corner. Now the lights do the work while outside drops to 10. Any tricks or strategies? Winter is my favorite time to grow. No motorcycle. No fishing. Keeps me occupied…:grin:


I’ve always wondered if people that have issues with maintaining temps when lights go out if they switched it so the “night time” was actually during the day when it was warmer outside and probably in the house. My grow closet is in the corner and is an outside facing wall so it varies depending on outside temp.


Being indoors and having heat on shouldn’t make much differences. All depends on how low the temp drops.when lights go out thru the night vs daytime temps. Too much of a drop or rise can cause some growth problems but I don’t see that happening of the temps stay within 10 to 15 degrees of each other with lights on and off. How is the setup. Tent size lights hydro coco or soil ect. We will get ya going on a solid grow here.

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Hey @Storm, I only attempt to grow my indoor crop in the winter months. This year I’ll shoot for 3 grows. I have two ILGM GSC xtreme S1 finishing up in the next 3-4 weeks and five clones of those two about to go to 12x12. I’ll start 4 ILGM (2) Wedding cake and (2) ILGM Zkittles going in the veg tent once the S1’s finish up and I can move the clones to the flower tent.
Being in Texas the heat limits me to the winter grow to control the home cooling.
I’m giving the mothers room to stretch in the 48x84 flower tent

48x48 veg tent

48x12 seed and cloning section