Winter outdoor grow on the Gold Coast Australia

I got a heap of seeds off my cousin that she brought back from Seattle.No idea what strain/s they are. Last August I threw a couple in the vege garden and did nothing but water em and they both grew, one tall male and then this short, kinda fat female? When I say I just threw them in, I’m talking about like 10 seeds. Anyway the male has produced shitloads of seeds and the little one yielded me about an ounce, smoked really well and was a pretty decent high. It’s now moving into winter and I wanna try grow another couple of plants. Good temps during the day, sitting on about 23•c on average and humidity around 60-70% I got the seedlings currently germinating in plastic pots with 5 in 1 organic soil from Bunnings. Any tips or suggestions for me would be great please! Cheers

Edit* I ideally want to get a bigger yield this time around.


Seeds don’t grow on male plants, pollen grows on male plants. Seeds grow on female plants that are pollinated. That’s why we remove male plants as soon as we know their sex. Unless you want Seeds but the weed won’t be as good. Sometimes a female plant will show both sex’s either from genetics or stress related.


Ohh :open_mouth: I had no idea! I’ve only recently started my grow journey. Can you take a look at these photos please :pray:t3: I don’t know what’s wrong with this little one but it doesn’t look healthy :frowning:

I’d be curious also to hear what folk’s thoughts are on this little plant. What can you tell us about the grow?

It came from a seed that came off the this one I had a planted.

Purely by chance these grew as I literally just threw the seeds in the planter box :sweat_smile: the second photo was taken in March

Soil they were thrown into was 5 in 1 organic soil from Bunnings. Watered before and after work and yeah they just happened to turn out good. Now with this little guy, he is my first plant I’m actually trying to grow. Same soil, same area in my backyard, in its own plastic pot.

Edit: second pic, I actually have no idea how that one came up through the white rocks lol but she too looked this but she had a few nice buds so I harvested her and got about a half oz.

Welcome to the community !

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Thank you :pray:t3: :grinning:

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Might wanna start calling them girls lol. If they r males they r no good for smoking only making seeds lol


Support ticket and your soil is not the greatest

The first picture looks like a male plant can you get a closer picture

Edit I’m not talking about the picture of the little one you got growing now that one is female and it has all kinds of issues going on

The last picture with the plant growing out of the rocks how soon after you took that picture did you harvest her

Last week i harvested it. She didn’t look like she was going to get much bigger.

When was the picture taken cuz in that picture it wasn’t anywhere near ready it’s not so much about it getting bigger too early means not nearly as much thc as it would have if you had waited.

@Klez you harvested the plants in the photo :camera:? They was just getting start to bud in another 2 weeks or so , you pull the chop way to early my friend at least 2 months in flower 9 weeks minimum ?

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That photo was taken 3rd of March, wish I had a photo of it when I harvested it :man_facepalming: Are we allowed to post photos of harvested plants? I can a photo of what I’ve left from the harvest.

@yoshi i harvested on the 15th of may

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Of course you can post harvest photos

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