Winter growing in Texas


Hey there all you wise ones! I am new here and just getting stated. I have a question about when to start some indoor (actually outdoor green house) live in west Texas and the weather will turn cold soon. Plan to have 4 plants in a green house with other plants (10x10x6) will have a light set up and some heaters. May need a humidifier? How many lights? And can I start sprouting now and allow the plants to grow during the winter if I can keep the temp steady? Thiking to take advantage of the white widow offer and go from there… Think the house will get some good sun still ( the outer covering is clear plastic) and after sprouting plants should be able to get going pretty good before it gets to cold.

Input appreciated



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I recommend first reading Roberts grow bible. Here’s a few links to start you off.


So you’re going to get a few days when it dips below freezing, is that right?

We got a few folks from Texas here, as I think of them I’ll invite them to this thread

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@Usmcjojo thoughts on greenhouse on the west side of lone star?
Personally I’ve always wanted to try it. I would grab yourself some heating device of some sort. I would def research to see what plants are viable with cold night time temps. I will look some stuff up later and see if my wandering mind has anything beneficial to offer, welcome to best weed forum on the planet grogurl.


@GroGirl Im from South Texas I would say two small oscillating heaters on low will get you through it and have some moving blankets on standby so you can wrap the pots during hard freeze just watch your watering it’s going to be a little tricky plants will drink less so don’t put yourself on a set watering schedule use the knuckle and feel method. Other than that you should be fine it’s your lighting schedule that will give you the most problems but I’m sure you will get the hang of it I’m here if you need me.


I believe @TxGrowman could also be of some help.

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@FloridaSon I have had a lot of experience growing but all indoors. I am in North Texas and it is hard to grow outside due to neighbors that are a little too much nosy. Unfortunately I live in a city and the houses are too close together to grow outside. I really want to have a greenhouse but I left a plant outside once for the day and a neighbor looked over the fence and saw it. Sorry I can’t help out on the outside growing! Jerry


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Would like to chat with u about north Texas indoor growy


Not sure why this did not show up on my list. I have a small grow box (18x20x48") and a 2x4x5 foot grow tent that both are used inside of my house. Outdoor is not practical for where I grow for many reasons including too much light at night (street lights in the city) and neighbors that are looking over and through the fences in my neighborhood.

What specific questions do you have? Fire away and I will try to help as best I can. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


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