Winter grow in Northern Climate

I live in a northern region of the US…i dontmlm plan or sell just grow for my own medicinal use…
Im planning to start another grow around September…area will be heated…grow tent used and such…
Anyone else had success in a colder climate with an indoor grow?
Anything I should pay special attention to?
Any special strain that i should grow?
Thank you

Obviously you need to keep your temps in check.

Secondarily your humidity might be low in your region.

Both things can be controlled, so you should be good.

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Yup. Just chiming in on the humidity. Dryness can wreck seedlings. But starting in September should have some wetness.

May want to preinvest in a humidifier

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My tent is smaller so i am using a personal sized humidifier…1 bottle of spring or distilled water at a time so that i dont flood the place and worry about poss. Of mold issues…set on low to medium during the hottest part of the day.
My shed doubles as a dog kennel so the cedar shavings help cover any odor the scrubber doesnt.but thats not a problem just a perk.
Its also air conditioned but i keep it set at 72 deg…tent holds at 77 deg

I used my dog as a scrnt cover as well. Works awesome. Just keep them away from the grow. Fur flies everywhere