Winter grow. ILGM Jack Herer Auto and Blueberry Auto


Also Blue STRETCHED. Im almost certain it was because of the wider range of available nutes. She is gonna be a monster yield.

Ur girls look great


Thank you for the input. Next water I will raise Jacks ph. I do notice that Jack doesn’t drink as much. When I do have to water blue Jack is still a bit heavier. So I think you’re on to something.


Day 53

Sorry for the tags. I need some input please.

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Blu is showing some kind of deficiency, I’m not really sure.
She is growing well but there’s some yellowing going on. I feed with Advanced Nutrients. I’m on the Bloom nutes right now. I actually added some CalMag the other day when I watered thinking it might help.

I watered with plain PH’d water to see a good run off and get some numbers. She was a bit dry when I watered so the leaves are sagging a bit.
PH in: 6.2 PH out: 6.6
TDS in 74 TDS out 968.

Jack, is still a runt but showing signs of some really nice bud. No issues with his leaves yelloing at all. He got clean water as well for some good numbers.

PH in: 6.2 PH out: 6’5

TDS in: 74 TDS out: 940


If u are only using bloom nutes that is the problem. Never completely pull N til the end. A bit of grow would be the answer more then likely here. What exactly did u add to how much water lasttime?

Smart tags tho. They’ll kno more


I watered about 1 1/2 gals. I used the recommended amount of nutes. 6 mils of each A+B. And 2mil big bloom. Along with 2mils of Cal Mag.


Thanks. I thought they were low on N myself. But looking at the leaf chart it’s really hard to tell which one.


I guess my tags aren’t working.


Purp is exactly right, you’r only problem is that you deprived her some nitrogen when she needed it for her stretch growth. I would add a little grow nutes to her next feeding, not too much, but enough to green her up, maybe half dose.


Thank you. Two people concurring this makes me confident enough to do that. I appreciate it.


Hows she looking?


Thanks for asking! Looking about the same. Ph is still good at 6.5 and TDS is at 860.

Maybe she’s eating herself? Coming close to the end? But I figured she still has at least 45- 50 days left in flowering since she only been flowering for a little over 3 weeks.
I was also wondering if I should bump up my TDS. Maybe 860 is low?


I do feed kinda heavy. But have been in the 1700 range. Think around then i was north of 1200. U dont wanna pump her too full tho. Wait for Ms R before any drastic changes.

Did u go in at 860? Or was that runoff? And if so what was the in?


That was runoff. Went in at 640.


And how long since u last fed? I wouldnt bump up just yet. She had a few leftovers from lasttime…


4 days. (edited) Last watering I just gave 1/2 grow nutes. I fed her just now though. The normal dosage. She’s drinking a alot. Watering to runoff every 2 days.


Hit her with straight water next feed. Check runoff. Then next time after that back to feed schedule. Especially if those ppms drop off a good bit. :+1:t5:


Ok. Thank you for the help.


@PurpNGold74 Update: I watered Blueberry today with plain ph’d water. Her pot was getting light.

Ph in: 6.4 Out: 6.4

TDS in: 88 Out: 624

PPMS dropped 240 in 2 days. She’s eating but it doesn’t seem liked a fast rate to me. Is that a normal drop off rate?


Since u added water im sure ull see a much quicker drop this next go round. Do you have any deficiencies? And is she still yellowing up? If so nextfeed get back to ur bloom feed. Going into week 4 she should be eating like a hog.

What does ur schedule call for for week 4? Ppm totals and by serving


This is actually week 8 of the grow. Going into the 4th week of flowering. (for my reference)

I use Advanced Nutrients. I use the grow Nutes part A&B until I start flowering and the I go to the bloom nutes part A&B. So my feed schedule at this point is to keep using the bloom nutrients part A & B. I actually have no clue if I have any deficiencies. I figure that using their nutes I wouldn’t have any deficiencies. How do I know? I have never been this scientific about my grows. But I wanted to get a better product so I started reading and learning to better educate myself. I have been using this method for over 2 years and it’s worked up until this point. Basically the reason I tagged @garrigan65 because I know he uses AN nutes also. But he hasn’t looked at my thread. Not that I don’t trust your input, because I do.