Winter grow. ILGM Jack Herer Auto and Blueberry Auto


Both had a 24 hr soak. Then put into starter pots and are both 7 days from initial soak. Blueberry is much bigger. But thats ok. One is sativa and one is Indica. I don’t know if that makes the difference in their size. But i’m not giving up on the Jack just yet.



Blueberry doing great, Jack Herer not so good. Advice?

looks like a green start @GFDuke
i’ll try to keeping up,those auto’s are quick…lol


From what I’ve read, JH is a slow starter but finishes very strong.


@Familyman I hope so. He’s a little runt right now. Lol


I wanna grow a gentleman Jack one day. Hands down some of the best smoke ive tried


heavy indicas usually start small, grow slow then …zoom.

each is different


Jack’s doing better. But Blueberry is fast.


Day 14

I put Blueberry in it’s final home today. She’s doing great. But i’m still concerned about Jack. He’s not looking too healthy at all. I might start another to see if it’s just the strain or a bad bean.



Day 20

Blue is growing up fast and Jack looks so much happier. They’re both in their final pot now.

Still no nutrients. Maybe in a week or so.


Hey just curious do you have it on 24 hr light


Well I did 24hrs. until they came out of the dirt. I did that just to keep the temp warm in my tent. Two days after breaking ground I went to 18/6


Day 25

Jack and Blue are doing well. Jack is starting to show up finally. Gave them some nutes today.

Watered to run-off. Blue got more water than Jack because she is drinking a lot faster.

Blue: PH = in 6.5 PH out = 6.5

      TDS = in 415 TDS out = 1240

Jack: PH in = 6.5 PH out = 6.5

      TDS in = 415 TDS out = 1910

I think Jacks high TDS is because he didn’t have as much of a runoff as Blue did, since he got about half the amount of water. I really didn’t want to drown him. He is small and he is not drinking as fast.




Both look happy n enjoying new homes.


These are 2 strains I want to do next


Day 26

Jack is coming along nicely. He’s short and stout. But I think he is going to be a nice smoke.

Blue is growing leaps and bounds over Jack. She has a lot of nice branches coming up after the LST.

I am feeding them AN nutrients. once every 3or 4 waterings.

Ph out is high for my standards at 6.8 for both, but not bad.
PPM in is at 500 w/nutes, out is a little high as well at 1680 for blue and 1750 for Jack.
No more nutes for a week or so I think. Im’ not really sure if I like the PPM that high.
This is the first grow that I have actually kept track of my PPM’s. I never really paid attention to it. In the past I have only kept a hold on my PH.




Day 34…
Both plants are flowering. Yay!!!

Blue has a little nute burn on the tips or high ph. Her ph was around 7.1 and TDS was at 1200. So i flushed her. Got the ph down to 6.4 and the TDS is at 875. So i’m feeling comfortable with that going into flower.

Jack also had a high ph around 7 and TDS for some weird reason was around 3000. Wow!!! But no leaf tip burn. Very strange. But Jack is a sative and Blue is an Indica. Two different strains in the same growing environment has proven to be a challenge.
Flushed also. His ph is at 6.3 and TDS is 1200. He is also flowering now.


What challenge? You handled that like a vet. PH back in range :+1:t5: Blue’s tips burnd. So i guess she could eat at that higher range. Anyway learning and snart move. :champagne: pistil party


Day 40

Both plants are going strong. Very happy except for some burnt tips on Blu. Not really sure whats going on with her. It might be a heat issue. But she looks nice.
PH in = 6.4 PH out =6.4
TDS in =590 TDS out = 842

Jack shows no sign of burn tip. He is turning out way better than I though and his flowers are coming along beautifully. Glad I kept him. The only thing I can’t figure out is why his TDS out is so high compared to Blues.
PH in = 6.3 PH out = 6.3
TDS in = 561 TDS out = 1250

I’m not sure if I need to worry about the higher TDS or not. Anyone?


Day 47

Blue is growing leaps and bounds and Jack is getting frosty already. He’s going to be tasty.

Blue ph 6.4 TDS 845

Jack ph 6.5 TDS 1045


Sorry ive been MIA. If im understanding runoffs right. If tds goes up when you water, they arent eating as well.

So the plant with the tips had a lower tds runoff. She ate better and got full so tips burned. Not saying they are starving so by all means keep doing what ur doing. BUT raising that pH to 6.5 would probably help them both eat more effectively.

I say that because the better eatter had a runoff of 6.4, while the other had runoff of 6.3. Some nutrients are accessible at the higher end of the 6.3-6.8 range. So a bit of floating pH (in that .5 range) is healthy