Winter Grow Conditions In My Tent..... Are they good enough? Inquiring minds wanna know

OK Kids…

I decided to put the tent back up and go another round…
Issue is it is winter and it’s like starting over due to the difference in environment.
Are they good enough? Inquiring minds wanna know

I have decided to do 2 autos and 2 photos on this run… I am planning on the autos finishing thus freeing up some room for the photos to continue on growing bigger till harvest.

All of the sprouts have popped thru the grow medium and the lights and fan are cycling so I have questions about if or should I tweak the Temp/RH or will the current conditions be OK. If would love to avoid a humidifier if possible.

During my 18 hour day cycle the temp is controlled with an AC Infinity fan. I have the controller to turn the fan on when temps get to 82 degrees F…then it usually drops the temp to 78F before turning off completely - those condition repeat throughout the day
the part I am concerned about is without a humidifier or any special devices and since we have forced air heat in the house the humidity is usually about 35% I understand it’s low but is it “TOO LOW?”

The only room in the house I can put the tent is also the coolest (north facing and a big sliding glass door) so it is usually a few degrees lower than the rest of the house. During the 6 hours of darkness which I have start at 6am -12 noon . With no light to generate heat the temp drops to about 66-68 F for those 6 hours. With a humidity of about 60%. I do not expect these conditions to change throughout the whole grow as like I said before we are currently in winter and we still have 3 more months before spring brings warmer all around temps to the room the tent is in.

Like I said earlier I would really like to NOT get a humidifier if at all possible and hopefully the above mentioned conditions will be GOOD ENOUGH to get a decent experience this time around.

Whatta ya think?


Hey @MrRay,

Only on my second grow but thought I would say hello! I would keep temps above 70 and below 80. Humidity is real low with house heat on, so I would spritz your ladies with water during their day cycle to keep them moist. I have included this mold chart I found that may help you some. Happy Holidays!

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You might only need a humidfier for a short time. I’m finding it much easier to keep temp/RH in line this time of year. I run a cheap humidifier only when RH gets low. I now have a $$ model that shuts off when it reaches the RH you set. I haven’t used it yet. Now that the plants are bigger (8 plants) and drinking more water, the rh stays around 55%. It goes up after I water them. It goes up and down when the lights go on and off. The heat from the lights that I normally pump out the window keeps the room in the zone. I stagger the on/off times to keep the room from getting cold at night. If it gets too warm, I put an exhaust hose out in the hallway and heat the rest of the house. Might as well.

I’d say good enuff to grow. My temps range from 56F at lights out to 78 on, and rh between 30 and 60. Not ideal, but they live, and grow. I’m out in my garage, can’t heat it or anything, it is what it is!
And I have my lights on 5pm to 11am when it’s coldest.

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@MrRay i would bump up the lights out time by 2/3 hrs use the heat of the day. Run your exhaust into your in take to keep what you produce. I am basically out side so i have a heater humidifier lights and insulation…
The struggle is real!!


Awesome poster, thanks. GGTYall

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inversly correlated. RH vs lights, in my tents.

Right now since they are so small and don’t smell “yet” I do pump the exhaust back into the room…so we really have not used to house heat much that’s a +… once they do start to smell I have tapped into the spare bathroom exhaust duct to blow it outside without having to open a window, or cut a hole in the wall… condo living has it’s drawbacks…

I leave the grow lights on throughout the night to heat the tent during the night which is the coldest…but at 6am they go off …last run I was employed and it didn’t matter if I could go into the tent during the day but I am retired now and it’s hard to wait till noon as it is…so shifting the light and dark schedule is not gonna work…
we typically don’t have the heat above 68 in the house at any given time unless its warmer from cooking…
Various sources say mid 60s during dark won’t hurt…so i THINK i’m gonna be fine with temp…but the low RH has got me thinkin…

Watering happens thru a drip system and a 5 gal reservoir in the tent with the girls… thought about putting a fan aimed at the water bucket to help with evaporation thus increasing the moisture in the air…

I have to blame the air being sucked into the tent when the lights are on for the low RH… when the fans and lights are off it’s fine at 60%…when the lights warm them up the cycle of air taken in to cools is dry air…

This didn’t hurt the last few crops but with each run I like to tweak and improve things and this time its RH… last time was light, time B4 was water and scrog net

still wondering…

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I also hang wet towels to raise rh
Real low rh just slowes things down

nice easy idea…thanks

was just looking on Amazon…was thinking reptile tank mister

Do you bubble your water to oxygenate it? That will increase the rh a bit. And it’s good for the ladies too!

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i was gonna get one … thanks

It’s really just as simple as getting large trays and bottom feeding your plants. By keeping trays an inch deep of water the humidity stays higher.

Humidifiers that hold a few gallons of water with a drain hose are available on ebay cheap.

Huh?? What???

Those who speak, do not know. Those who know, do not speak. And I go around in circles. (George Harrison) it’s been fun. I’m tapping out.

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My easy solution was hanging up a wet towel in the tent. Another grower does that and puts the end of the material in a container of water so it is constantly wicking moisture. I have a humidifier but hate filling it daily. Best to you!


I got the bubbler…Humidity is now about 55 with lights on…65 lights off…(fan does not come on when lights are off due to less heat so humidity builds up…looks fine now

I have one Durban Poison that’s growing like it’s on steroids and one that is the “slow child”
I guess genetics mean something
also 2 autos seem to be slow to start but time will tell…

Thanks again for everyone’s help and input…


My Kidsjust grow up so fast…
Here is the latest image of my Lil Girl…

.an even closer look