Winter covering help?

I’m worried about covering my plants in the beginning of the winter months. Sometimes here in Oklahoma we will get our first freeze in the beginning to mid November. Since I will be still growing my girls during these months I am worried about them getting frozen and killed. I know that putting sheets or bags over your plants during the night helps to keep them from freezing but I was wondering if they will have any problem with continuing to grow in my blood sides filling out if that happens? I’m not too familiar with growing anything but have seen people do this in the beginning frosts of the winter. Sings how I will have too many plants to bring them all inside I was wondering if they will survive or will they just go into a dormant stage and not continue to produce the THC & CBD that I am trying to have them produce. Any advice or knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

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You can probably get away with covering them but a hard freeze and your screwed

Yeah @dirtydave the type of freeze I’m speaking about is our first one that happens only one night and then doesn’t do it again for weeks or a month n a half. It never freezes for more than that one or two nights until the actual winter begins which always seems to be a month or two later on. I’m just worried about those one or two cold nights while I’m finishing up with the harvest timing.

Speaking as your neighbor to the South, I usually have my harvest done by the end of October. Are you growing autos?


End of October to harvest is norm due to light conditions…you will want to think of how to keep moisture out of them during the rainy season before winter arrives…happy gardening!

@oldmarine I have both currently, dropped some more photo seeds day before yesterday to give away but will keep a few and also running another auto grouping this week.

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