Winter Autoflowering project in Northern Europe, SUGGESTIONS BADLY NEEDED

Hi everyone I am new to the community and already glad to join, reading you all share your valuable experiences.

I live in Nord Europe for 5 years now and have fair outdoor grow experience both in mediterranean and in northern european climate through the brief summer season.

Here on ~50N Latitude I experience a lot of difficulties growing outdoors mainly caused by humidity.
I am having OK yields by autoflowers. Since the weed is a medicine for my ADHD I need to grow good strong sativas also high in CBD. I have some auto seeds and also open for suggestions, experiences.

I figured it is too much fuss to deal with the humidic rainy short summer where the sun is too coy to shine almost the half of summer (or more) and decided to move the setup indoor in a small remote garden house (230 square feet). So throughout the year I plan to grow about 2 pot every 2-3 months in a grow tent which I figure should be enough for my daily use forever.

The catch is I can visit the place everyday for the half of spring and summer but the fall and winter are rainy, snowy and cold. So I should be able to skip a good 3-4 days during the week to visit the garden house and set such a system so everything keeps working brilliantly.

I need suggestions and recommendations for my Remote AutoFlowering Setup to deal with

  1. Cold

  2. Humidity

  3. Automation tools that will make it happen; Heat and fan timers, sensors, maybe remote controlled, termometer/hygrometer that is also readable remotely. How can I set the lights in a weekly period rather than a 24h timer.

  4. Main equipment advice:
    I plan to grow two pots at same time in a 32" x 32" x 70" tent with 300 W LED. Will this tent be big enough for 2 x 3 gallons pot and possible heater, humidifier? The all color spectrum ones or the wellow based LEDs? Is 300W enough for my operation or could this be lowered?

  5. Now the temperature is another issue The garden house is not good insulated and there’s almost no difference on the temperature in winter outside and inside the house. As low as 18 Fahrenheit in January-February.
    I’ll get a good insulated tent. Will the LED lights be warm enough for the plants or should I look for a small heater solution? And there’s a heat sensored oil radiator in the house maybe I could bring this near the tent? But then it would never stop heating, too much energy waste…

  6. For the exhaustion of warm air inside I will attach it to the chimney exit that is for the stove. I’ll get a carbon filter for the smell but will the pressure on the chimney hole will be enough or would I still need an exhaust fan or even an additional pulling fan for the fresh air enter (The chimney works very well with the stove).

  7. There’s always some humidity smell inside the wooden garden house. I am not sure about winter and tent interior conditions. What type of humidifier/ dehumidifier should I look for or should I just put some tomatoes under the lights and see the humidity levels and decide after that :))

And everything else I can’t think of. I am sure some of you out there have this experiences and knowledge I need.

TL;DR I need suggestions and recommendations for my Remote AutoFlowering Setup

Sorry for bad english but at least I converted the metrics :slight_smile: Thank you for reading and have an A1 day :slight_smile:

I would suggest bumping up your numbers during the better times and forego the bad months. I have some cannabis I stored in jars six months ago that I am opening today. Instead of 2 plants raise 4 and store the extra.

Just my two cents worth…

  1. If it gets cold I would keep the room the tent is in warm. Get a radiator heater, but do not put it in the tent.

  2. The humidity may not be an issue if you have a heater running. It may become an issue when the lights are off in the tent. This is where airflow becomes your friend. I would get a 6 inch intake fan and a small clip fan for good airflow.

  3. They make timers with bluetooth that sync to your phone, you can set a weekly schedule.

  4. You should be able to fit 3 plants in 3 gallon pots in that size tent. For lights, I would go with HLG 260 XL or the 300 Rspec.

  5. You could insulate the space around the tent. Get some foam board and make a small square around your tent.

  6. If the room is cold I would not exhaust the warm air out of the room.

  7. You can get damp rid to help with the musty smell, but a dehumidifier for a large space is going to cost $200-$300


I actually did that last summer but it was challenging to fight against powdery mildew. It is everywhere around the area. The climate here allows only the perfect seeds mostly Indicas and most of them are not what I need. I had only 2 guerilla girls last summer and it lasted for a few months only. not the best yield too. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Thank you for your time reading and replying, it is classy from you.

1-5-6. What if I isolate the tent using styrofoam panels carefully form an outer room about 1 ft away from the tents surfaces and exhaust the warm air into this outer space will that make the grow tent keep ideally warm? I would take fresh air in from outside the styrofoam panel. Or will this create even crazy amount of humidity?

  1. I suspect the radiator will try to make whole room warm and keep working constantly. Even on lower heat setting it will be too much of a risk to let a radiator run on a remote cabin with wooden interior therefore I don’t want to risk this. I have a 6 inch fan already and will get an intake fan, it makes sense.

  2. How will it work when Bluetooth range is exceeded?

  3. Those light look stunning but a bit pricey. How about those cheap-end leds still 300W but for like 50 $. Do they suck or do they somehow get the job done? What’s the entrance level model like for top-tier LEDs, ones you mentioned I presume?

  4. Already have a damprid which is like a small box with that shit inside, is it ok to put it into the tent?