Window AC running 24/7

Of course I grow in a shed in North Florida and posted about two weeks ago. This guys wants to flower so bad but days in the 90’s and nights in the 70’s he is having problems. Been switched to 12/12 about three weeks ago. I have a 5000 btu window unit. How much and what times would I have to run this unit to make this guy happy? 24/7 would certainly create concerns with neighbors.

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Is your ac digital or manual? If it’s digital you can just set it for the temp you want and it’ll turn on and off as needed. If it’s manual, grab an ink bird controller. I have mine set to 79* in my 90* Texas garage and it takes care of everything.


Thanks partner. So 80 or less is good for flowering? Is that constant or dark hours?

If you can keep it 82 or less will be fine you should have some drop with lights off. Good luck in sunny Florida.

Mine keeps it at 79 during lights on. Well, I have it set for 3* differential so it will get to 82* before the ac kicks on. Then it will run down to 76* and turn off. As long as it’s 76*-82* inside the tent, the ac will stay off. It doesn’t run much, if any, during lights out. I could set it lower but the ac would run more.

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I could do 70 at night but 95-100 during the day would be hard to manipulate in a 12x8 shed…metal insulated shed.

Yeah, my tent would easily hit 90-100’s with lights on and no ac. At night you probably won’t need the ac running unless your lights are running at night.

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I have to keep my unit running 24/7 lmao… Sucks

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