Wilting plants during day

A question from a fellow grower:

Any idea why my vegetive plants are beautiful when the lights come on but a few hours before the lights go out all plants are wilting? The plants are only ten inches or so tall and are started from seeds. They are fed and watered in soil. Temp is in the mid 70’s and humidity is about 65%. Indica strain.

well that could be that they need water, or maybe that your temps are climbing throughout the day and they are too hot just before lights turn off are you monitoring temp all day or just ambient?

A few hours before? And they are ok the next morning when the lights come on?

Plants have their own internal clock and I have seen some that start to get a little limp, maybe almost as much as a hour before the lights go off, the way they look when they are “sleeping” during the dark period. If it is something like this, then it is probably normal.

But normally it would be a sign of something else going on like temps getting too high and not enough water, this sounds strange, I’d really have to know more before I could give a good guess at what might be wrong.


two reason for "wilting is an water issue and high heat/RH. your temps and RH -no problem. How often do you water?. when the light’s are off they are resting - really every thing is OK as long as they don’t stay wilted thru the day - then as issue