Wilting lower leaves

Hi, the leaves on the lower portion of my indoor plants are wilting… should I be concerned… I have 5 plants stuffed in a 2x4x6 so I wonder if the tight space is a contributor… check out my pics


This is probably happening because they aren’t getting any light down there. Also looks like you have some other issues, so hard to be sure.


Has your plant always had deformed twisted leaves since young? I see bad nitrogen toxicity and probably related pH high. PH being way off can cause deformed and twisted leaves and the dark green, clawing, rolling leaves, brown spots, then dying… reason I’m asking. They all can be produced by N tox and pH high. Without rolling and twisting I’d just say N tox.

Ok — do you recommend just flushing? — I’ve been using “flower time” fertilizer once per week

I dont know… I just rode it out. Water only (I dont runoff) and settled on water and molasses (and crushed pills) for the rest of my grow. Somebody with more experience using nutes and ppms and flushing and all that will know.

calcium and magnesium that is. cheap calmag