Wilting Autoflower SOS

Hey everyone!

I’m not sure what’s going on with my plant, she looks like she’s wilting. I watered her yesterday (allowed for about 10% run-off), and she perked up a little bit. So I think she was under watered, but she still seems a kind of droopy. She’s about six weeks old, growing in FFHF and perlite in a 3 gal fabric pot under a Mars TS1000 and with some Advanced Nutrients B52, and PH perfect Connoisseur Bloom Parts A and B.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

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Just curious if you have checked the pH of your soil or runoff? if it gets too high it doesn’t matter what you feed her she will go in and nutrient lockout. You probably already knew this but just thought I’d ask :grin:


@Jgrow12 How often are you watering ?

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every 2-3 days–is that too infrequent for this stage of growth?

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@Jgrow12 The best way is to lift up the pot and feel if it’s light. If your watering every 2-3 you could actually be overwatering, which could cause wilting as well. Only water when the pot is light, get a feel for the weight when watered, and dry.

You watered her yesterday so I would wait until she’s nice and light before next watering

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If it’s drooping just before lights off then that’s considered normal posturing.
Didn’t see it mentioned. :+1: