Wilting all of a sudden, whats wrong?

so i am doing a grow
super silver haze from seed
in 20ltr cloth pots
coco fibre medium
under 600hps lights for 18 hours a day
feeding them a cf of 6
ph water to 6.4
i have good extraction and fresh air in too with fans
temp during day is 74 to 82 and on a night it can be 60 to 65
humidity used to be up to 70% in the room they came from and now its a 50 in the new room

they are a foot tall and bushy and till now have done great but today they really looked wilted and seem to be giving up on life. i have just moved them from one room into a proper grow room and wonder if i have shocked them. i water them every second day and they don’t look over watered please help as i have 28 of these and would hate to loose them all i live in a cold climate but the plants are in doors image as you can see from pic all was good before i moved them


It’s possible the change in humidity has them drinking water faster and may need to be watered. Just a thought.

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i did think that and did water accordingly but they still look like life is being sucked from them. im hoping when i go see them in the morning all will be fine but i will have to wait and see i guess. thanks for speedy reply

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Only time will tell. I’m sure others will reply as well

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looked beautiful and now look

I agree it’s quite possible its just adjusting to the new conditions. I would give it a bit to adapt. I have moved mine several times and being in the light out of light transition can have an effect.

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im hoping you guys are right

@jimmyjimjam They get acclimated to where they are and then a change messes with them! In coco you need to stay wet, it can be hard to rehydrate! What type coir are you using?

But looking back it does look a tad light green, but it maybe it’s the yellow in the lighting. Looks like hid lights so I could be wrong.

interesting the aren’t as green as they were a few days ago

Ecothrive Cocolite 70/30

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I use a 75/25 mix and I water every day some days twice!

how much water would you add to a 20ltr pot

whats hid light

I use 3gal bags, and i water 1L to 1.5L twice a day normally, and to 15%runoff when testing! I would use that as a gauge until you find what is best for your plants. You may even want to start lower to see how they respond!


i have been giving them a litre at best every two days

when you say run off what do you mean

Hid is just a type of light that generally puts off the yellowish orange hue in your pics. And run off is the discharge that runs out the bottom of the pot.

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im using 600 watts hps and there isnt any run off at all so im thinking my girls are thirsty as hell