Wilted plant? What happened?

Everything was going swimmingly with my #2 grow. Then today I opened the tent and observed this to one plant.

Looks like wilting? Anyone ever see this?

It’s possible the stem got injured? The rest looks good, so it’s not from no water…


Posible training damage agree

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No, I don’t think it was injured. I really didn’t move that stem much during LST either. Hmmm? I don’t remember doing anything to it?

I just removed them. rest of plant seemed ok. Few leaves have brown spots now.

I have a heater in the tent for nighttime. It was oscillating, but stopped and might have been directly on this plant.

Interesting. Thanks for the input friends…

That would explain it…

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I’m leaning in this direction too. Let’s see, it’s moving around again.

Thanks. I have a thread in the grow journal. you can see the whole thing. @Covertgrower @Randy_Marsh