Will's grow journal into the unknown


Sounds like they’re turning into monsters!


You won’t believe how big they really are up close and personal. Seems like every morning I’ll have to move the pots to give them room to exspand in. I knew this was comming from when i grew that monster of a Blueberry, she grew to just under 6’ tall. Lmao




I wish I had that kind of room to grow in. I lucky my wife lets me grow in my little 4x2 tent. But she does have all of her church friends coming over and they kind of frown on it. 63 yrs old and I have to worry about what other people think. lol And it’s leagal here. wtf


Was there an issue there getting 2nd link to load?



I took clones last Thursday. That would be January 24th
There is ten all together and this is day 5 Humidity at 65% to 85% it’s up and down. I keep misting plants and cover and then I spray the inside of the tent. Oh I also pour water onto the floor it helps with the humidity while i’m not there. Works out great.

And there mother’s are doing awesome as you can see.

NL looking very sad

Looking good G man. Looking good. Girls are getting pretty big


Yup! They are looking nice. They’re going to be monsters!!



A few posts up I was measuring the height. Now for the width.
I could only get the GDP.
GDP PLANT #1.) 34"
PLANT #2.) 32"
PLANT#3.) 34"
The other plants are very very, close in width.

Ok, these plants are growing at an amazing rate. It’s only been 11 days from when I flipped them to 12/12
Here are a few pic’s of their new growth as of this morning 1/31/19

A these three plants are the Granddady Purple


:tongue: Geeze!! thats crazy!!


I know it really is. You got to see it up and personal to really see what’s going on. Every morning they have changed in some way. Just blows me away.
I’m thinking of doing some LST on two maybe three of the plants this weekend. I’ll have to hang some string from the ceiling to hold the branch level when I do it. I did that on my last run and the dam buds stood straight up awesome


UPDATE 01/05/2019 On the clones

All 9 clones look awesome even new growth which tells me " NEW GROWTH " = ROOTS Wright ?
Can’t have New Growth with out roots but after 13 going on 14 days from starting and still I see no roots or their very tiny roots with’n the rockwool.


I believe I found the problem. The light I am using was only half lit.
So I went to Home Depo and bought this new H,I,D 300 watt use 38 at 4000 lume’s
I replaced the light with this new one. Now we’ll see what happend’s

First pic is the clones. I checked them again and still no roots


I’ll be posting pic’s of my forest. You are not going to believe it.


Why did you clip off the tips of the leaves?


with a minimal amount of foilage…it’s less for the root system (or lack of) to keep alive, then having a bushy big branch.




How often are you giving the tea?

How are your plants doing that are in flowering stage any buds yet?


I believe they just started there 3rd week of flower and it looks like a flower factory … lol I give them a blast of tea once a week. here is a pic of the tea …


The tallest one is 56" and I have one that’s 54" tall and the other 4 are some where around 48 to 50 plus inches tall. Some L S T is in order here. Oh they the two real tall ones are in 30 and 15 gal pots. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant


Not to take anything away from what your doing but more so referring back to the base line question of can you grow and yeild just as good with no nutrients added.
The Tea is a nutrient so… Still adding yeah?
Although much simpler once you build your super soil.



Your going to be tough aren’t you ? …lmao

Think you grow your plants? Sorry but it‘s more likely that you get in the way and mess with the magic! All microbes operate by way of teammates. They play off of each other; one teammate unlocking another‘s ability. The big man cannot dunk without assistance from the point guard. When 52 different organisms (ones that were grown in a Petri dish) are brought together as an end product intended for use in a gardening, the result is compromised. Staying with our basket- ball analogy, the team‘s overall ability is hindered if all the players are not on the court and what hap- pens if the coach puts the players in the wrong positions? Microbes don‘t play basketball, so you may be forgiven for thinking that it‘s not feasible to identify ability in microbes. But check out some Bt prod- ucts. Bt is a bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis. It‘s used in gardening because it‘s gentle with plants, but very capable of parasitizing the larval stage of common pests. The Bt organisms that fight larvae such as caterpillars are called the kurstaki strain and Bt aimed at mosquitos is named israelensis.
So, you want to brew your own tea. Where to start? The answer is humus! Microorganisms are found dormant in quality humus sources like compost or worm castings, but can be awakened to grow with ideal conditions. There are different methods for brewing compost tea (AACT). Just add your humus source to water and use air pumps to increase oxygen in the water to grow microbes. Add some food catalysts for the microbes to grow, such as molasses, kelp, rock dust, fish, humate, etc.
To brew compost tea, you‘ll need: An aquarium pump large enough to run three bubblers. Several feet of tubing, three air stones, a gang valve, plus a bucket. A porous bag for the compost, like a nylon stocking. A small air pump is sufficient for 10 gallons. If you want to use higher volumes of water, get a larger pump. As your tea brews (8–24 hours) you will notice a layer of foam forming on the surface. This is a result of the proteins produced by biological growth and a good sign that your compost tea (or rather the life within) is flourishing. When brewing AACT, wamer water favors biology, but lowers oxygen. Colder water slows biological growth…so brew AACT at a similar temperature to where it‘s being used.
The food source utilized when brewing compost tea can determine the microbe grown. An acre of land left fallow will begin to regenerate using annual plants (weeds), and then pro- gress into more perennial species (grass, vegetables) until it culminates into a forest (perennial hardwoods). Over the course of this natural process, fungi become gradually more dominant than bacteria. This is evident in the fungal dominance of old growth forests.
So what does this knowledge mean? Well, you can use it to brew compost teas that make more sense to what you are growing. For instance, a sugar source like molasses fed to a bal- anced stable compost inoculant will encourage more bacteria, whereas kelp or fish fed to the same inoculant will encourage more fungi. The same is true for other inputs, like Equise- tum (horsetail), which encourages beneficial nematodes. To be clear, molasses does not dis- courage fungi from growing, it simply favors bacteria more. Similarly, using a fungal domi- nant tea on an annual plant will not harm it in any way; it‘s a better/best scenario.
Microbes given a proper environment can grow to extraordinarily high concentrations. The book Secrets of the Soil states that a single microbe reaching maturity and dividing within less than half an hour can, in the course of a single day, grow into 300 million more, and in another day to more than the number of human beings that have ever lived. Further, accord- ing to the book Microcosmos, bacteria, in four days of unlimited growth


Sorry man not trying to be difficult but I like to ask the difficult questions so that I can understand.

Your basketball analogy is confusing to me lol, what I think our trying to tell me is that rather than nutrients being very specific and calculated by humans then hopefully put in the right amount at the right time let nature do the work, with a compost tea. This way all most all the puzzle pieces are already together vs adding chunks of them to the board?

Some of these companies have done extensive research on cannabis and its growing needs and thus some big companies like Fox farms and advanced nutrients are selling nutrients although I’m sure alot more marketing is spent these days lol.