Will's grow journal into the unknown


Ya, cool my friend, I grew up on a veg farm, That’s where all my growing comes from … lol


Makes sense. You’ve had your hands in dirt your whole life.


And it’s in my blood to … I lived in L.A years back and I had a 2’x2’ sq, of dirt, soil what ever and any way I grew a tomato plant in that shit hole and it turned into a monster. Everyone who came around couldn’t believe it. They called me Green thumb Willie




I know it’s funny, but they said that I was the only one that they ever seen that could grow down L.A

Hell when I lived in Seattle, Wa. I grew corn over 7’ tall and feed the whole neiborhood


Thats awesome man. I made a mistake on my location. I am actually on the north west side of the state here in Mass. I am about 5 min from Vermont and 10 min from New York. We have a boat load of farms in our area but I never got involved in farming. Until now. lol


Well you know the old saying …. Better late than never … lol


Lucky you to have that greenhouse experience. I bet you have some outstanding grows. I love this site.


Ya, but along with the greenhouses came a lot of weeding … lol 15 acers of it.
Yes I do now, It took a lot of reading and research to get where I am today.


@garrigan65 Which pic is the GDP??? That’s what I have going on !



Here this is my two GDP


GDP ?..what is this strain ?..maybe time for a ILGM Glossary of strains


I would say Granddaddy Purple


At first I thought it was …Gross Domestic Product…:rofl: on second thoughts , it is.


I grew GDP outdoor last season. It looked a lot like yours does. Kind of long and skinny at first. Once flowering started they exploded into huge plants. Unfortunately someone stole the biggest of the two. Luckily I didn’t have them together. The second plant ended up almost ten feet tall and gave up almost a pound of nice bud. I don’t smoke it very much but make edibles instead. GDP makes my body feel deeply relaxed when I eat it without much confusion. It does give me a major case of the munchies though.
I’ll be growing this one again.


The GDP stands for Granddady Purple



This is my first time growing this strain . So thank you for that information.
As you know this is an indoor grow so the best they can get is about 6’ and then I may have to low stress them by bending the stack over. I did this with my Blueberry and the buds grew straight up giving me more of a yield. And that is just the kind of high I need and most of all the munches is what i’m really looking at seeing how I only weigh 120 when I used to be 165 that’s what a double dose of radiation will do to ya.


Marijuana sales out paced , coffee beans, soy, and corn community’s combined. Just think if all 50 states were legal it would put a big dent in the deficit big time. lol



Ding, Ding, Ding, Give this man a cigar … smiley-face-with-cigar


The Grow Rate
January 18th 2019 to January 26th 2019

Granddaddy Purple are
8 day of growth =
Plant 1.) 38" to 43" + 5"

Plant 2.) 28" to 35" + 7"

Plant 3.) 24" to 30" + 6"

Gorilla Glue

Plant 4.) 36" to 45" + 9

Plant 5.) 24" more like a Bush to 36 " + 12"

Gold Leaf
Plant 6.) 24" was slow at the start to 28" + 4"

And Corleta i

s Plant 1.) 12" N/A


Plant 1.) 38" to 43" + 5" TO 45" + 2

Plant 2.) 28" to 35" + 7" TO 39" + 4

Plant 3.) 24" to 30" + 6" TO 32" + 2

Plant 4.) 36" to 45" + 9 TO 47 1/2 + 2

Plant 5.) 24" more like a Bush to 36 " + 12" TO 39" + 3

Plant 6.) 24" was slow at the start to 28" + 4" TO 30" + 2