Will's grow journal into the unknown


I think I need to Up my soil game. I am planning my next grow (greenhouse - sun only) in my home-made soil, I have been making a super organic compost over 3 years and the worms love it.
The only down side is what pH tester to get as I am lost out there ,my last quote was £70.


You know, that’s funny that you should bring that up. Cause I was looking at a few on Amazon. I have a couple in mind and I think i’m going to go all out just on two meter’s. One for the soil and the other foe the water and nutrients.
For the longest time I never used either one. But i’m starting to take another aprouch to how i’mm going to grow. I’ll be more than happy to share my finding with you.


I will most probably be buying one of these products, I figure I will only ever have to buy a very decent one and lo and behold Amazon have them.




Yes, now that’s what i’m talking about. Price does mater, because you know the old saying. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
And it’s very important that you have these P H , Soil and Liquid and of corase the PPM meter


Okie Dokie, I am going for the Bluelab Grower’s Toolbox

one thing Will, I see you use Bat Guano in your soil mix , is that raw bat guano ?


No it isn’t. I use ( MEXICAN ) Bat Gauno for veg And ( JAMACAIN ) flower


I think I need to come to Kentucky and do a masterclass ! :grimacing:




its a funny old world Will


The plants go crazy with this stuff along with the worm castings. And remember, the bigger the pot the bigger the plant.
I get twice the yield now than when I was growing 20 plants


If you scroll up to posts #65 and post #85 you’ll see what i’m talking about


is it legal to grow where you are ?..it can be a jail time thing here…the cops are harsh .

a buddy of mine was a nature tour operator in northern Thailand and he took some clients to view a massive bat cave and afterwards he got so sick he had to fly back to the UK and was hospitalised for two months due to inhaling bat guano dust and a year before he was back to normal.


No it sure isn’t … I’m still a rebel lol
Wow I didn’t know you could get so sick, this stuff i’m sure is refined so that that wouldn’t happen. If it did there would be lawsuits big time


I do not understand how the law differs from state to state in the US, but then again I believe the pot is better if its Moonshined.

Yeah, Bat Guano is gnarly sh"t…beware ! do a G"ogle on the subject.
I am very surprised that ILGM does not have health advisory about additives…it the same with Fish Essence, it comes with a MERCURY warning here.


You know what, you may have just opened up a very good topic. Never gave that a thought.
Know that would be a very interesting subject.


Dr Will

lets do it ! it would be excellent Karma also there is the subject of scissor health…i could go on and on here

have a great Saturday night

Dr Chome

time for my first blast of the day, its 4.35 pm here and its a dreadful night with freezing winds and rain blowing in from Russia but the missus is baking cakes and i am rocking out with some huge sounds.
LIFE is SWEET :man_farmer:


Sounds good let’s go for it … and it sounds like your a lucky man . 1


I am that ‘Lucky Man’ and also it is a pleasure being able to communicate with a like minded traveller as your good self down these dusty trails…

how is your thumb bigger than mine ?..nutes ? :rofl:


And the same go’s from here my friend.

Don’t know about the thumb … but it is green … lmao


do you have access to different emojis in the states than here. my emoji thumb was tiny whilst yours was, ; with respect, larger ?


Here is a few for ya. jusy copy to your file or folder Enjoy

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