Will's grow journal into the unknown


It’s pretty outrageous in any size, but after losing 9 White Widow seedlings I researched the crap out of starting seeds. There was a lot of consensus that products like Rapid Start work wonders in the early stages. It and the pods and low PPM water have given me 100% success on in growing decent plants.


Good to know. I got two of the sample bottles for free. It worked so I figured I’ll keep doing it that way. I’ll have to buy more eventually so I’m glad it’s worth it. Makes justifying the cost a little easier.


Come on Will we want to see some plants. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


I’LL be posting pics this morning. So hang tight … lol


Hete ya go… First up
At one month old as of today


Gold Leaf

Goriria Glue

They all have been very slow from the start and i lost 3 plants. Two GL and. 1 G G


I’m having the same slow growth despite using pretty hot soil. I start them in depleted soil in the small square containers and transplant to 1 gal when they’re around 3 weeks.

The SD in the front will be 8 weeks old on 12/7. As you can see the Chronic Widow clones are even slower.


I’ll add worm castings and fresh potting soil to the old soil and just do it that way. same with the vegg and flower soil


Update Dec 7th

Granddaddy Purple 37 or 38 Days Old

Gold Ieaf

Gorilia Glue

The two large ones are 30 gal with my super soil for veg and flower

And the 3 smaller ones are 15 gal pots with the same soil. Now there is one more Gorilia Glue to transplant she is just a little bit to small to transplant for now maybe in 10 more days or less
I also trimmed the bottoms of the stems and will setup the fan to get the air moving to get their stems thick and strong.
I placed them on 18/6 light 1000 watt H.P.S and they had their first taste of tea yesterday morning and loving it.


Now that’s a pot! Lol Got room for monster roots in those.


Looking good as always!


Yup that’s the plan any way. The blueberry i had in one of those grew to 5’ 6" So i’m thinking these should do the same giving me more yeild growing less plants


Thank you and i want to talk with you if you got 5 min


I’m out shopping with wife right now. Do you plan on being online later any?


ya take your time real no big hurry and yes I will be


My baby blueberry photo. I gave up on blueberry autos. Never got anything more than 4g off of one. Most rotted not died. No other plants on the same grow rotted but blueberry auto.

This is my baby blueberry right at a month. She was dragging along until I upped the Rapid Start to 2ml/gal

These are the next 12/12 girls. They’re not very happy right now cause they want out of those 1gal pots asap and they are crying for food. That’s just depleted soil with worm castings that they’re in at the moment. It’s in the 20s right now so I had to bring the soil indoors to heat up.



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