Will's grow journal into the unknown


It’s more like the micro’s work as a team helping each other to multiply
into many and by throwing something else into the mix just messes them up and they can’t do their job. But left along they will feed the plant and the plant will take care of them.

By making your own then you don’t have to buy that over priced nutrients.
I am just about done making one of my tea’s and it will be enough to feed all the plants for the next three years , maybe more . and the soil I make I can use over and over and over again. Thus I can invest in better lighting and air flow and temps. Now That’s a big savings if you look at the big picture.


@garrigan65 I have 4 GDP that I’m gett’in ready to flower come Saturday. So far so good!



Fair enough, unfortunately I’m only home 4 days a month so I dont have the ability to grow teas and cannabis. I wi be sneaking a peak at what your doing though lol
Thnx for the information man, I love learning!


If ya want to grow and your gone that much you could use one of these to feed and water your plants. The micro’s I’m making wright now , you use a few tbls to 5 gal which this is and set it up to come on and feed and water your plants while your gone.
I know you won’t but what a great idea … wright < lol


But I don’t have the time to make the tea lol


Yes you do, The tea i’m making wright now only takes 24 hours to make. All you need is what go’s in to make it and it’s only 5 or 6 elements.
I starting a new thread on hoe to make an awesome tea and trust e please trust me. When you see just how easy it is, you will laugh your self to sleep.
I’em going over to were I can start my new thread. When I finish i’ll give you the link … ok
Just give it a chance, look it over and if you still think you can’t well then no harm done WRIGHT ?

Here is that link that I said I would post for ya enjoy




Four and a 1/2 Weeks into flower.


there is always time to make a ‘nice cup of tea’…ask any Brit :uk::pirate_flag:


Yup, that is true my friend … lol Hey so how have you been ?


Hi Mr Will :smile:
well I am all excited about my next sunshine grow and thanks to Amazon my house is full of grow goodies…Jiffy Pots,BluLab PH meter,10 big bags of my home made organic soil that I made over 3 years and is almost odoureless…Man its beautiful ! + Perlite , and I have to make some fine white ash from my old woodpile.
I am going with Fabric Bags this grow (Auto Afghani +Auto Hindu Kush) but they are being imported from America as they are not available over here…
I have been an avid reader of your new Organic/Bacteria page
and I will be seeking your advice and wisdom this year.
I think Wales may become a state of America eventually going by the local news

Here’s wishing you a great grow this year my friend !
I am most anxious to get hold of Kumaoni Seeds from Nepal as from what I have read…this is the pot for me !..if you could pass this query on down the line to Mr Bergman I would be indebted to you as I would prefer to aim my bucks in ILGM’s direction.

Here’s wishing you a great grow this year my friend !
…James with a nice cup of tea and a vape of northern lights



My sister has traced our heritage England (My Fathers Side ) and my
( Mother’s Side To Ireland )
My brother was going to take the trip with her to seek out info. and posable relatives.
I’m not sure on when. I just know that she my sister wants to go.
She is the one who put our family tree together and she has taken it this fari’m sure she will still want to go.
Anyway, If your not to far from Ireland or maybe know of a place where we could hookup for a day that would.
It’s not going to be any time soon but you never know with my sister …lol
Let me know what ya think. I think it would be awesome…


Absolutely !..lets do this thang !

Did you know that you and your family are eligible for Irish Passports if a relative came from the Emerald Isle…


also , i think the UK…but this country has gone balls weird since brexit…boo hoo


Are you kidding me, We had know idea about that.
Know that would be a big help wright there and mite just give her a kick in the butt to get going on over…'That’s awesome.
Do you have anymore info on that by any chance ?


most definitely ! :four_leaf_clover:

Go to the Irish and British Embassy website in your country and its all there dude…you have to prove it but with the internet and a credit card its as easy as buying a grow light as births registrys are all online (for a fee)…the Irish site tell you how to go about it …


I gotta cook supper (its my turn) and I shall send over what links I have this evening …6.30 pm here


go here…


Sorry about that I had to take the girlfriend shopping and you know how that go’s … lmao

But hey, that’s awesome my friend. I saved the link and sent it to my sister. Waiting to hear from her most likely later tonight.

But hey,



This is VERY cool Will !

Whatever I can do will be a pleasure .

One more blast of green for me and then its bedtime

Eire wants her children to come home…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_passport


Hello Will

I ventured outside to check on my bags of living soil / homemade compost and it ticks all the boxes in appearance and smell ( hardly any) apart from adding Perlite, what do you recommend I add ?
Having read the Guides on homemade compost it says to repot before flowering, this sounds a bit hairy as I would not like to risk damaging the roots, I would appreciate your views on this matter .
Many thanks
James bathed in winter sunshine under glass :sunglasses:

I quote :

Living soils, on the other hand, are composted soils. They are useful because they include microorganisms that create an ecosystem similar to the best natural scenario. The roots directly absorb the nutrients produced from these organisms, and the results are often noticeable in the flavor and scent of the harvest. Living soils rarely require added nutrients since the microorganisms provide all the nutrients that your plant will need. You’ll want to repot your plants just before flowering if you use this type of soil.