Will's grow journal into the unknown


Rest bro just rest and take it easy

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just doing this for now lol bigtoke


Ok here is the update for the month of November 3rd
They are started in I gal smart pots and Pro Mix, worm-castings and
Bat Guano ( MEXICAN ) Water is rain water






@garrigan65 I notice you mix your own soil. In doing so does that mean that you only have to water since it has all those nutrients already mixed in the soil? And if so do you think you get a better quality product than say with ff or advanced nutes? And lastly, sorry, do you believe it is cost effective vs. commercial nutes?


I am on a limited budget and all of this can get quite costly. Not just start up, but maintenance also. My soil cost me $7.00 for a bag and the girls seem to really like it but I use ff nutes. Where as the pro mixes are anywhere from 58.00 to 96.00. I just have a hard time paying that for dirt. I have a GG and a GDP like you wish I had a gold leaf, I hear they are beautiful.



I’m on my second grow with a “super soil”. I only use ph’d water and have had pretty good results. It’s pricey but I think it’s still cheaper than all the nutrients. If you’re interested:

My current grow:

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Oh by far better. I’ll use the soil over and over again thus saving money.
I used to grow 20 plants using nutrients now i’em down to 8 - 10 plants with better yeild and taste.
And all I do is water and add some bio tes and that’s it
and here’s a pick. I have gone to larger pots. as you can see
This grow i’em down to 7 plants and I know i’ll v yield the same as growing 20 plants in 5 gal container



Mixing your own soil is the best way to go. I use a base soil that already has lots of stuff in it. From there I add my previously depleted soil from older grows and then all the good stuff from there. Kind of a mix of what Will and several other grow gurus on here use. The great thing about the depleted soil is it starts seeds without any problems @QtPatooty.


Wow what a lovely tree you have there. I would like to try making my own on the next grow just to experience not having to mix all those bottles of stuff and ph’ing it repeatedly. It is so stressful… plus with so many plants it is costly. I’m frugal😮 but appreciate your response, thanks.


Cool thanks for that tip. Will save my soil from this grow.


Read through your first grow with the KIND soil. Looks like it was successful but maybe not for a longer grow without supplementing was what I understood. I think I would use on auto’s. But I did want to say you are excellent at record keeping and demonstration. I enjoyed your journal and will be watching your next. Thanks for your response.


That there is a tree :wink:



They seem to be slow growing. Been 15 days now and very slow growth.


I have slow growers too. Look at this little girl, Sweet Tooth born on 10-30. I just transplanted her yesterday. Any clues as to why such slow growth? I just added a humidifier to the room. Maybe it will help.

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I had a issue myself with my rh right at 15-22 and was having slow growth and i added a cool mist humidifier which has my room peak at 58 now and everythings starting to take off like crazy

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Have you used Rapid Start. It really works. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed a big improvement on growth in the first month.


But it’s soooooo expensive! Lol


Not sure how I missed this for nearly two months, but on watching now. Best of luck with these!

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No I use Liquide Thrive and a Root Stimulator . But I was going to use the seeds left from this order to enter the contest with. But as you can see the growth is very slow and would put me way behide all others


I have the same issue with my Chronic Widow clones. Even with Rapid Start they are a month old and only 6" tall. The Strawberry Kush and Northern Lights I planted from seeds are 3 times as big.

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