Will you please take a look at this picture I just snapped of her and let me know from your perspective


I would wait as if you flip now your yoeld is only gonna be an oz or two. Not all strains will double in growth. I veg approx 60 days have a 4X4 tent & harvest approx pound & half. If worried about height i lst alot, some scrog but i like to rotate & mess with them alot. My lst this go round looks like a rollercoaster.


Hi y’all,
Just a couple pics to keep you updated. Man - she is a growin machine! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::blush::blush::blush:!
This is at Day 31.

Here she is today on Day 37. :flushed:


This was on day 31


Looking good! @Free4me


:blush::heart_eyes::heart:️:blush: It’s amazing to watch. :innocent:


Day 38.


Day 39