Will you please take a look at this picture I just snapped of her and let me know from your perspective

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This is my first grow. The first seed germinated but did not sprout when I put her in the soil. I went on to seed two. It also germinated but she’s a strong one and after a bit of a struggle she’s now on her twenty third day being in soil. Because I live in Michigan and did not get her going until July 3rd, I have decided she is going to be grown indoors. Will you please take a look at this picture I just snapped of her and let me know from your perspective if I am doing this right? Does she look like she’s on the road to fruition?


Yep, she looks great!:sunglasses::+1:

How big is that pot?

Yes gorgeous healthy looking gal. Outside wouldnt harm her too bad. Just introduce her slowly to the sun. Maybe a couple morning n evening hours a day for a couple days and gradually add more time. Also from July she should have at least halfway into august to veg. Plenty of time imo.

You should create an account and join the forum. Get you a journal startd and come be apart of the family. Best of luck with ur grow!


Hi Bluntly,
Thank you. The pot is her intermediate pot at 9.5" brim diameter and 8" tall. She’s been in there for 2 weeks now and I just put her in her permanent home. The size of that one is 15.5" brim diameter and 14" tall. And here she is now…

P.S. I forgot to tell you she is a Northern Lights feminized strain. :blush::innocent:

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Hi Purple,
Thank you so much for your kind and supportive help. BTW… Her name is Sherri. :blush::blush::guitar:

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Her stats as of now is 8.5" width, and 5" tall. I’ve been reading about topping. But I’m very scared to do it. :flushed:


Shes very reslient. Top her youll be happy! Shell stall a couple days afterward but in veg you can manipulate them all kinds of ways.

A 5 gallon pot would be the bare minimum. It’ll grow in smaller pot, but not well.

Welcome to the forum! Hope u start a journal and if u do @ my name and tag me too it! Good luck

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Out of likes for an hour but sherri is looking lovely! I’d like to be kept in the loop also if a journal is made :slight_smile:

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Well … Here’s Sherri after her first day of being in her perm pot. 6.75 gal. This is day 25. I like to sit and talk to her. I can see her moving! She’s so alive she vibrates. It’s an awesome thing to



NL is a beautiful strain!:heart_eyes:

That’s a beautiful plant, no doubt about it. You’re hooked on growing now!

Hi Laurap,
I took your advice and topped her yesterday morning. Here she is as of 3:00 pm this afternoon. Height: 5.5" Width: 11" x 10".


When shes about half the size you want flip them to flower. What youve done is create 3 main colas or 2 main colas if topped. Some here top or fim multiple times. Topped mine @ 4th node & theyre almost 5 feet.

Looks awesome! May want to do some reading on here and re-think the tomato cage idea. It might be great, but I haven’t seen them used on the many grows I’ve seen on here. Just something to look into for yourself.

Waiting for mine to look as green and healthy as yours!

Cool Laura! So you think I should flip to flower now? Today is Day 30. :blush::innocent:

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Just curious… Has anyone ever read this info before? I found this on the Internet and it sounds like a pretty good plan to go by. I’d be interested in your feedback? :kissing_heart::blush::blush:

Dear Whodat66,
Thank you! :blush::blush:. Yeah, putting up this bit of fencing I had lying around was an afterthought. It’s easy enough to remove if it doesn’t work out. I’ve been seeing some who weave some string or small rope to help support the stalks and flowers. I may go that route if need be. Are you growing a northern lights plant too?

I think what you are talking about is a “SCROG” SCReen Of Green (as opposed to a SOG or Sea Of Green).

The nets or meshes you see placed above the plants are to separate the different branches so everything gets light. So one plant is spread out over a big area. The Sea of Green is planting a bunch of plants, and not really pruning them or training them much, and trying to get a few big tops out of each plant.

Oh, when I said to read about stuff, I meant the top button that says “guides”. Read through the ones that interest you, and you’ll better understand what people on here are talking about (terminology, slang, abbreviations…) saves a lot of questions, and it makes the forum more beneficial.

Stay high!

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