Will you get the full potential of THC if it sits longer?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hello again, Forgot one more question in regards to the alcohol and cannabis sitting before straining. You mention to let it sit for 10-14 days. I have read this in other places but I have also read and heard people saying 12 hours in the freezer is long enough. Any longer then it just draws out more chlorophyll. I am so confused. I do put the jar in my freezer. Does it matter how much THC gets pulled out or how strong the THC potential is based on how long it actually sits before straining?
In other words, will more THCA get converted when it sits longer? Will you get the full potential of THC if it sits longer?

There is actual science on the Internet you can find that shows how THCA is converted to THC in alcohol. The optimal time required in grain alcohol is 4 months, but you can make decent tinctures in two or three. I will see if I can find the study I saw done on the topic of using alcohol to convert THCA instead of decarboloxation.


I found the link to the study I saw, but I am not sure I am allowed to post it. It’s at grasscity[dot]com in their forums.

I misunderstood the question. @Bogleg has you covered!

I was not expecting this question to go to the forum and once reread realize a mistake.
The product going into alcohol has already been decarboxylated. So the question should read why the difference of 12 hours sitting in a freezer in grain alcohol versus 2-3 weeks? Does it pull out more THC if left longer?

This proposes another question. A friend puts his product in a jar of alcohol and did not decarboxylate and after straining and boiling down decarbs at the end. So soaking without decarboxylating make a difference on how long it should sit in alcohol?

I can’t answer the first question - I just follow Robert’s method and haven’t looked for any science on why one way or the other yet.

As far as your friend who decarbs at the end of the process - I would be vary wary myself of heating up grain alcohol personally. I’m content to just let the jar sit on a shelf for 4 months.

When you don’t decarboxylate your buds before you make your tenture you only get the cbds from the buds.
When you decarboxylate your buds before you make your tenture you get the thc high from the bud.
I would not personally try to decarboxylate after making the tenture it could be dangerous
Hope this helps

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