Will trimming off damaged fan leaves help my veg

I think 1 of my Orange velvet underground ladies got wet feet a little and as I corrected this we got 2 weeks of straight rain. The fan leaves that had canoed are stuck that way. Will trimming the damaged foliage off help spur my veg growth?


The last two images are of the smaller OVU female and my champ this year Mendo Breath

Forgot to mention they are mobile outdoor (if it storms I bring them inside/under the overhang
The soil is ocean forest
The container is food grade 5 gal buckets with air/drain holes covering it
The plants are all feminized all plants are 1 1/2 months of age
Fimmed 1 week ago (less successfully if I may add twas my first fim)


They dont look to bad as of right now. With the stage of the plants I would leave then on.


Iā€™d say your plants look fine. I would let them grow. Cutting off leaves, especially green ones, will slow their growth.


No yellow, stay mellow


Sweet thanks for the speedy replies. Yall just put my mind at ease :metal:

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