Will this view work

So I took some pictures with my phone of my plants. Will these views be close enough to see when to harvest or do I need something stronger. Just curious, how do they look. First timer here.


Really do need to see a magnified pic of trichomes on flower to determine. Looks otherwise very healthy.

You are in the beginning of the flowering stage and have many weeks to go yet.

Nothing stronger necessary. Just keep doing what you are doing.

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I’m new to growing but tri cones look clear the pics look good I believe you can see when they amber on the tops

I would reccomend getting a stronger magnification. Here’s a picture from mine.


What are you using for a magnifier @Davyg

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I bought one of these from Amazon. Plugs into your phone and download a suitable app. There’s a few of them out there all the same but different brands. Takes practice and your hand does get steadier but it’s worth it in the end

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