Will this survive?


out of the 6 seeds i planted recently. all but 1 sprouted normally.
the 1 had seed husk stuck to it and after i helped the husk remove…i noticed it has only 1 starter leaf.

is there anything to help this guy?

its the one on the bot./right


only time will tell


I think it will make it .
Just don’t over water…ok



Does it still have the part that should develop into the more true leaves?

About the only thing you probably can do is give it time and see if it develops into more.



hard to tell. i tried to look with magnifier,…just cant see.
man that one is the chocolate mint, i hope it makes it.


thanks for replies guys. i will cross fingers and hope.


didnt make it.
slowly perished.
others are still going strong.

note to self: dont !@#$ with seed husk on a very fragile seedling you idiot!


if it were me .id spray mist it often with plain PHed water. and hope