Will this snap off replant survive?

This is the top that snapped off when I overdid the LST 2 days ago. I replanted the top.

It looks to me like it is coming back to life a little. What do you think and if it does, how will it grow out to harvest? Thanks experts!

It would have been better to maybe get some of that cloning gel that helps produce new roots
It may make it as is tho…and if it does it will probably be just fine
And yes it should grow to harvest provided the plant is a female …it’s an exact copy of the plant if fell off …hence the word clone

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I was in a rush we were heading out for a mountain hike but i did dab a little of cloning gel on the bottom part of rhe stem before I “planted” it


It will take little while to tell…I’ve had one hang on and look like it was at least still living only to just have it croak over. As long as it can uptake water it’s fine but then that part of the stem starts dying off and it’s over with.

Hopefully it will do just fine!

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Like others said, could be hit or miss. i WILL say (knock on wood, lol) that every clone now that i have dipped in my neighbor’s honey first before sticking in dirt, has lived and began thriving again :slight_smile: I googled home made rooting gels and honey, with a tbsp of aloe gel is best but you can do JUST honey and then “puff” cinnamon on the end as it’s a natural anti-fungal. Before learning that, doing the glass of water for clones thing, NONE lived, lol. Another time i attempted with neighbor’s root-tone or something brand rooting compound, DEAD in 14days… nothing has worked for me but the honey/cinnamon and it MAY be just the strain (blue dream) i’m dealing with being difficult to clone also.

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