Will this method/approach result in fewer problems?

Thoughts on potting soils.

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place/method to ask this question so any advice would be welcome.

I’ve been doing a lot of homework on potting soils before I decide to move forward with Black Gold or any other type of potting soil. Invariably the subject of unwanted bugs etc. comes up so I had this thought.

What if I take whatever soil I decide on and kill the unwanted (along with the desirable) bugs by baking it in an oven to kill everything and then reintroduce the desirable bugs et al when I actually plant the seedlings? I realize that this is a labor intensive approach however I can see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Many insects can ruin a grow and I really want to take that option out of play by preventing a problem rather than reacting to one down the road.

I’m very interested in opinions and/or criticism of this approach so please don’t hesitate to comment one way or the other here.

I would have been well past this point by now if the inline fan, associated charcoal filter along with a silencer weren’t out of stock everywhere. Soon though…

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@Guitarguy48 I use Neem oil to prevent bugs, spray it on during veg stage.

Dont need charcoal filter until it starts to flower usually.

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Most store bought soils won’t require that. Never had any issues with the pro mix I use in the past 10 years.
Most soil bug issues are brought on by overwatering. :v: