Will this light work in my 4x2x5 tent, or should I half the tent

Galaxyhydro™ LED Full Spectrum 600w White Color 9-band LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing
does this sound like a good enough lum light? Do not know lums being put out

Sounds ok I used that light in a 3x3x5 and it did ok but my plants during flowering period out grew my tent so had to get bigger tent

Correction 4ft long 2ft wide might need 2 leds

thanks iceberg, I think I will put a wall to divide tent. By the way, any ideas on a fan and carbon filter? I have a 6 inch vents and too may options out there. Just want them to have fresh air at a low cost.

I suspect that model actually only uses around as little as 275 actual watts.

A 4x2 canopy/floor-space will require about a minimum of about 240 watts to maybe as much as 400 watts of actual power being used with LEDs.

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I found this about their specs:

LED Output Power: 200pcs3watt
Dimension: 440
View Angle of LEDs: 90°/120°
Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V
Spectrum of Light: 430~440nm, 450~460nm, 610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white, IR, UV 380~400nm
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Hanging Height: 19~59 inch
Coverage Area: 8~9 Square Feet for Vegetated Stage / 6~7 Square Feet for Flowering Stage

A 2x3 foot area equals 6 square feet.

A 2x4 foot area is 8 square feet, so it might be just a little short on the flowering needs.


thanks for the info. Would my 4 ft t5 full spectrum work better with a 12/12 schedule? I am using the booster set.