Will this light be enough?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have an HO T5 fixture currently using 2 6500K bulbs. Will that be enough for a couple plants at at time?

That’s enough for one plant (in bloom) I’d suggest doubling it up or adding an LED. You can never have enough light… :+1::smiley:

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BOOM! Lol​:+1::beer:

I ran 4 bulb t5 plus 4 cfls for two plants and had ok results. Ended up with 1.4 ozs not terrible but more light would have been better. The thing I like about t5 is you can put the light super close to the plants. This was my real first try so take it what it is worth.

there’s no mention of whether they are 2 4 or 6 light fixtures 2’ 3’ 4’ HO can mean 54w or less depending on length and number of banks a 4 light fixture at 3’ can be nearly 200w and work excellent for a couple small plants.

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think my comment got deleted? damn son, sorry staff!