Will this LED shop light work for extra light

Hi, I was thinking about using this shop light for some extra light in my grow room. Will it work?? Thanks for your help!

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As long as your in the 4100 k spectrum it ahould help in veg 3200 k spectrum is suited for flower
I wouldn’t use it for main lighting but as a side light why not
It would probably work well for germination as well

It’s 40 watts at 4000k so I would take 5 of them and make a veg fixture out of it.

I bet it would be brighter than these

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My buddy gave me a 400 watt hps that I am going break out in a week or two when I change light cycle to 12 & 12 for flower.

I took out the shop light, now I have the LED and the 400 watt HPS, I don’t think the shop light was worth the little difference it might give me plus I couldn’t see in my work shed lol.

That light gives you about 100 lumens per watt. COBs or EB strips can give you closer to 200 lumens per watt, if you don’t run them very hard. So you are just paying more for electricity than you have to. Also we don’t know what the color temperature is. You want 4000-5000 for veg and 3000-3500 for flower. It’s probably 5000, because those tend to be a bit cheaper and more efficient.

But your HPS lamp will be heavy on the red wavelengths. If it is 5000, then that could be just the thing to supply some blues.

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