Will this help with reflection?

OK yall, might sound silly, but will this help with light distribution? It’s something I just had on hand and was considering putting around the plants (wish I could say girls but don’t know yet)
Keep in mind it is just leaning there, not set up by no means


It certainly can’t hurt. I doubt that it’s doing a whole lot, but any little bit helps, right?

What is that light you’re using out of curiosity


Agree that it cannot hurt but I find I only need more side lighting when they get really bushy and my tent is filling up.


Cheap grow lights from lowes, but it’s basically just to supplement 18-6
They go outside most of the time
Any good suggestions for when I go indoor autos?

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Well you will want to get a good light as soon as you can, those Lowe’s joints are maybe good for sage and chives but you wanna blast those effers

The Lowe’s lights could be supplemented as side lighting

If you can afford a new led light we can steer you in the right direction for your grow space and for what you might want to eventually grow into as well

A lot of members recommend choosing either outdoor or indoors due to pest problems but I must admit o bring my girl outsides too when the conditions are right

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I know I am definitely going to need better lighting for my indoor. Once these reveal gender they will become my outdoor grow (experimental, random seeds, allowed to grow outdoors now here if it can’t be seen from the street)
I am waiting on my auto flowers to get here, they will be indoors so better lighting will be a must. Dis I mention I’m new to this? Lol
For right now I ain’t looking ro go too big, but my office/art/grow room is 12x12 and will probably take advantage of the space for now.
Obviously I am looking for cost effective to start but who knows.
Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I need to research how the autos are going to go!

Do you have a maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for upgrade? That might help us narrow down the choices

Also the space you intend to grow in for example a 2x2 tent(space) will need a different size shape light than say a 5x5

I am figuring probably a 6x4. I don’t need to go too extreme right now, but like I tell my customers (I’m a contractor) don’t get the cheapest, but you don’t have to necessarily get the most expensive.
The lighting I have now I will sell to someone else, I just new I needed something and that was all that was available in a pinch

The resident lighting expert is @dbrn32 and he can tell you options

If you are a contractor you would probably have no problem with the very light assembly in the hlg diy kits to save a little cash, but you sound like the kind of person who would pay the little bit extra for a longer warranty which comes with prebuilt

I’m going to take a stab and say the 350XL , or 2of the smaller ones (for more flexibility)would cover your intended space, or if you wanna get fancy for another 600 ish with discount you could go for the scorpion

I forget how much the Diablo is but it’s a beast

There are tons of options and I was only mentioning hlg products but there is also spider farmer stuff etc

I, along with most here, recommend hlg brand but some of the others will do the job reasonably well for cheaper

@dbrn32 is definitely the guy to talk to on this matter

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I’m not going to be around for rest of the weekend, but @imSICKkid or @Hellraiser can probably help you.

Will basically come down to what you can or want to spend. 6x4 isn’t as common as 6x3 or 5x5, but could probably be made to work with two medium sized lights.

Thanks for the reply, I was just guessing at size, it’s a 12x12 room I can go any size I like. Probably just gonna grow a couple at a time right now though to see how I do lol