Will this fix itself?

Looks like tap root was upside down. And now it’s looping towards the water. Is that ok? Will it fix itself?

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It will be fine. On one end are the cotyledon (first leaves). It’ll pop up and right itself shortly. Usually doesn’t require any human intervention.

No only will it right itself, it stands a better chance of shedding the seed pod being it’s kept wet and soft, it may even leave the pod underground.

Should be fine. Keep an eye on it

the “head” is in a bind. doubled up. suggest you free it up so it can grow properly.

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Leave it be or fix it?

I have used a bamboo skewer to help hold up leggy seedlings until they can stand again on their own.

In my experience, this leggy-ness is due to poor lighting (or lighting not close enough) - possibly because it panicked and stretched as it was looped under? (can plants panic??)

I’m thinking it’s because when it germinated the seed was placed upside down on accident. It looks to me like part of that might be the root. So I was thinking about pulling it out land placing it in a sponge I cut in half then I could hold it together with a small zip tie

I have some doing that and I’m leaving them go, they’re fragile and easy to damage.

I don’t think I would pull it out. I fear that may damage the tiny root hairs and the unseen symbiotic relationships already forming in the root zone.

Try standing it up. You will likely have to give a little more love later.

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To me it looks like part of the root is exposed.

It is exposed, wouldn’t hurt to fill the gap with some kind of medium, regardless, if its tap root is down and established it will survive.

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@Shatter @dbrn32 @BlackShirt @tanlover442 it was dying. It fell over. It pulled out the first sponge with ease. I cut one in half placed it in and zipped tied it. It will be awesome if it lives. But if not I’ll germ another and make sure the seed is placed right


apologies for late response.

QUESTION your pics show green sponge and what looks like a clone/seedling hatchery.
Do you have grow media/soil under the green sponge???

If so, what happened is once the trapped head was freed, the root pushed against the solid grow media/soil…AND…that is why the root is so long and NOT rooted properly.

Not a big deal…IF…plant is buried in soil as it should be.

The “leave it be or fix it” pic…shows this plainly. I would have buried the whole root…AT …the first little “crook” down from the leaves.

There is no need to put a sponge collar on a hatching seed. You saw what happens.
The seed has to be placed INTO grow media/soil until the root gets established.

I put freshly hatched seeds…with a 1/4" to 1/2" root…in a clear plastic cup with soil.
Drain holes of course…once the roots are crawling all over the cup…I gently wash off dirt in a bowl of ph’d water…then place in the clay pellets stuff in a 6" growing screen cup in a 5 gallon bucket for DWC. Done slowly and gently you won’t lose one. Most losses are from getting in a rush or just plain brute force breaking the root stem. Then I will place a sponge collar on the stem for support until the roots fill the rocks and hang out.

If the light is too far away, the seedling will grow too tall and flop over. Bad thing.
Use pipe cleaners to form a loop and support the seedling. And…move lights closer.


@tanlover442 @dbrn32. There is a rapid rooter type grow media under the green collar in a 3 inch grow basket. I have 2 in one 3.5 gallon bucket. Will transplant both when they get e little bigger. Seems I may have gotten it to live. It’s standing on its own now. Looks like it’s touching the green collar in the picture but it’s not. Only thing I was unable to do is feed the root though the grow basket.

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I’m not really familiar with using cloners like that. But I would guess having the collar like that may have been reason it stretched the way it did. Did you put any thought into just using hydroton with the rooter or going to a smaller net pot?

@dbrn32 it could have been that I initially had the light turned all way down to 29 watts and had it all the way raised in the tent. Along with the seed got placed in the grow media wrong. Cause if you see the one on the left that one came out fine. It just has a little stretch. Anyway right now I have the light set at about 45 watts and 10-12 inches above the plants. What do you recommend

Do what you’re doing if the plants look good. I was just suggesting that you probably weren’t getting much light below the collars.

@dbrn32 I was just wondering how much power and distance you recommend