Will this be ready before 1st frost?

Hi everyone! I’m hoping to get some feedback on my 8 foot tall Blue Dream.
This is my first outdoor grow and I’m worried about the size of these buds. I only have experience with indoor grown autoflowers to compare it to, but it looks like it has at least 2 months left, right around the time when we have our first frost. I’m wondering if maybe outdoors they mature faster? Is there anything I can do to try to speed it up? Thanks in advance!!


i was
Worried about that, I started flower around August 14th
I’m north of Boston in Massachusetts 1st or 2nd week of October mine should be done


I believe ilgm blue dream is a 9-10 week flower strain. It’s going to be close for you. Not mention that as temps dip below 60f growth slows down.

Maybe you can squeeze it through your door into the house on nights that threaten to go below freezing?


Mine started flowering around Aug 6th, yours looks a lot further along than mine. I’m south of you so I have a few extra weeks, fingers crossed it makes it.

I have grown several ILGM strains but this one is Humboldt Seed Organization. Temps here are still in the low 80’s but dipping down into the 70’s next week during the day and 60’s at night. This plant is super heavy in a 15 gallon pot, but I can try to drag it into my garage if necessary. At what temp do you think this would be necessary? Thanks!


@sbgrow thats a might fine looking girl you got there! :grin:

I have 3 blue dreams currently, outdoor photos, in 10 gal cloth pots. I’m east coast, in between NYC and Phily…mine are looking to be about as far along as yours are, maybe a touch behind. I’m planing on going well into October before they are ready, last year I had 5 blue dream and the last one I harvested was getting halfway on through Oct…it all depends on where you’re located!

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Around here (Vt.) anything predicted below 36f with high humidity would get me to consider bringing “portable” plants inside. Just because a 36f prediction could turn into a 30f night with a killing frost. Plus the freezing would draw moisture into the buds and create the perfect situation for bud rot.

My outdoor plants are too big to fit through my sliding glass door so I just hope for the best. Cannabis can easily survive freezing temps as long as you don’t get icing/frost over everything. It won’t like the cold, it’ll slow it down, but it’ll survive.


Well if you’re lucky enough to have an enclosure similar to what Royc as you can survive some pretty cold nights by using a smudge pot or two. Those give off good CO2 anyway so you can get a little dual benefit there.

I’m up north in Vermont also and similar to drinkslinger I just watch the forecast and don’t typically start getting nervous until they’re actually forecasting 34 or lower for the lows at night. There’s a lot of variations and little tiny micro climate around here so if you’re in cold Hollow You might drop a few more degrees or stuck in a warm pocket where you might not get as low as everybody else So it’s hard to trust the weather forecasters in our area. but if you get nervous you can always throw a bed sheet over them. That can get you through a cold night pretty well.

I’m always impressed at how much cold cannabis can Tolerate before giving up


I am relatively close by, East of you, but my first frost date is probably a little later than where you are because we’re close to the water. I should be good if she’s ready by end of October. Outdoor growing is stressful! Between bugs, storms and temperatures I will be holding my breath until the end. But if all goes well, the reward should be fabulous :grinning: Good luck with your grow!

I will pay attention to the humidity, thanks for this info. I experienced bud rot with one of my indoor autos this past summer when the humidity got too high. We are extremely humid outdoors right now, but weather is supposed to change by tomorrow and hopefully it will dry out. Along with this plant I attempted 2 photo granddaddy purples and both are showing signs of bud rot already. I remember reading somewhere that gdp does not like humidity but I had already started the seeds so I figured I’d see how they do. My blue dream doesn’t seem bothered at all. She’s pretty hardy so far, the gdp also got attacked by caterpillars but none on the blue dream. I sprayed her anyway this morning with Capt Jack’s Dead Bug, which was recommended here on the forums as a precaution. Thanks!

Best of luck to you! I forgot to mention that I’m currently fighting bud rot on a non blue dream that I have about 3 weeks left to go on. The blue dreams last year did really well resisting the bud rot till the very end, and I didn’t get any till I was on my final harvest, mid October!

if you find a 4 wheel plant roller arounder, you can move easy.
might want to think about stakes to support heavy branches. when it bulks up…will help plant lots.