Will they live after a super trim

What do you think ? Trimmed today from bush to this.

Here r pics


Thats exactly what i was thinkin about doing. Using a tote for reservoir. Great idea should produce great yield as long as she stays healthy all the way threw…


These totes I use are to shallow for the plants roots. They are 17 gallon 2 for plants and one reservoir.
Due to the depth of the net it only leaves about 6 inches for water in the plant ones. So to be safe it’s best to get taller totes for the plants. Try to find some that are as tall as a 5 gal pail.

You should be more than fine. Here was a small trimming when I did my first chop on my GSC Beast which yielded 8oz dry.

Top photo has my GSC Beast…probably obvious to figure which one is which.

Middle photo was from the first major trim.

Last photo is after the chop.

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@MrPeat that looks great. I think I had about triple that off each plant. But I’m sure they will be fine.

@BetrayedSoul Oh she got chopped more over a course of a week. She was over 60” tall and when I was forced to bend her over she took almost a 4x4 tent just to herself.


4sure. Thanks