Will these work for veg

So i got 4 if these lights. Model cree cxb-a-uv-h-50k-8-ul-ml. Can anyone tell me if they will work well to veg in my veg room. I’d like to switch half my crops to flower and put the other half in the other grow room. But these lights weren’t made for growing. They were made for factories. Which is where I got them. I know they’re expensive there about $1,000 a piece. If they do work I’ll probably snag another 10 of them before they get thrown away. They’re not that old

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@Blastfact hey I appreciate the education and they are dimmable I do have a dimmer switch hooked up to him cuz they are super super bright obviously they’re made for a factory. I had some driver issues with a few of them but since I grabbed a driver that’s made for him and I grabbed 180-watt driver. I guess my question is can I use 180 watt driver on those lights you think the driver is meant for LEDs. I’m at work again grabbing some overtime otherwise I’d be at home testing it out. I really appreciate you taking the time looking into it though. I looked into it I just didn’t understand what I was reading.

@Blastfact and I forgot to ask if I dim them down will my note spacing still be tight and keep in mind I’m extremely new still currently on my first girl but won’t a tight node spacing make mybuds stack nice when I flower