Will these plants grow more?

A question from a fellow grower:

So I bought 10 Skunk Auto flower seeds from you and planned on picking
the best 6 to grow to maturity. But of those 5 one that was seemingly
doing fine had the leaves turn yellow and really is very stunted, don’t
think she is going to make it.

Any way the tallest one is only about 5 inches tall and is showing
signs of flowering after only a month. Not sure that is good especially
if it does not grow much taller. The leafs are coming in very dense at
the top of the plant. The older leafs are slightly yellow in the center.
Thought maybe the lights might be to close so I moved them away a bit.
Checked p h it was okay, the meter says the soil is nutrient poor, so I
have gave it a weak solution of miracle grow.

Two of them are very similar in growth others vary a little and one is very different growing lean and tall.

Will these plants still grow to at least 12 inches? The description
indicated they would be between 12 to maybe 24 inches at the tallest.
This is of course an indoor grow using florescent bulbs soft white on a
20 hour on 4 hour off schedule.

I too am also growing super skunk auto, im at week 5 right now(day33) my plant started flowering 2 days ago. It was also very short (7") as you described yours to be. I thought either i had done something wrong or had a runt. To my surprise it started shooting up in height and is now growing around an inch or more daily! Have patience your plant is about to explode into a vigorous growth spurt!

Mine usually start flowering at about 7 inches and finish out on average to a height of 2 feet.