Will these fatten up?

Here’s some pictures of my girls, it seems like the colas Should be thicker and denser, I’m not sure if it’s still the amount of time they have left, (roughly 3 weeks) or is it something I did, to stunt, slow down or affect the growth of the flowers? I’ve read that the flowers will get bigger/thicker in the final 2 weeks of flower, so can I get some thoughts and opinions on these, how they look, will they fatten up? 2 are chemdog, 1 is crystal meth, growing in coco, using advances nutrients, perfect ph for coco, and some big bud and overdrive, they are 420fastbuds fem autos, and are roughly 7 weeks old. Let’s hear what everyone has to say!!


Looking nicely and on track…patience is key at this point and yes they will fatten up nicely in the last few weeks…my thoughts wud say 4-6 left but well wait for others to chime in!!!


I believe @northherngreenthumb has ya covered. Still lots of white pistals. Do you have a scope? Get right into the bud and check the trics. Different colors, different buzz.

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Most definitely but it’s hard to tell when you helicopter grow. Just keep taking pics every day and scroll thru them to see progress.

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I’m not familiar with the term helicopter grow!!

Means when you’re constantly checking on them. Most of us indoor growers are helicopter growers. I check on mine at least 3 times a day when lights on. It’s harder to notice the swelling when you see it every day as opposed to every few days. I take pics every day and scroll thru them to see the progress


Wow I’m glad I didn’t guess what it meant, I was WAY wrong, and yes your right the more time you spend around them the less you’ll notice the little differences your looking for, I don’t work, so I spend majority of my days in my spare bedroom where both my veg and flower tents are, I micro manage EVERYTHING, I’m constantly checking temp, humidity etc etc, I leave my tent doors open all day and just manage temp/hum in what I’ve learned to be called the “lung room”. I have 2 GIANT hotel king sized bed sheets tripled up separating the room from floor to ceiling, so light schedules don’t interfere, I have my veg tent in the first section of the room as that one needs more attention, and has less dark hours, so I can manage that tent without compromising the flower tent, it’s pretty dope the way I have all set up, buy to get back in topic, I have nearly all my phone memory used up and most of my sd card with my photo journal of these last 2 grows, and going into my third, I do keep photos for comparison


And have noticed SLIGHT difference from day to day!!

I don’t check trichs until the pistols change color and tuck in this is the first sign of being ready and still usually 2 to three weeks until harvest as Jorge Cervantes said when you think it’s ready chop a week later plant looks good that’s what matters and having a good light will fatten the bud to that plants capability


Much fattening to do yet, my friend! Most pictures look to be in first half of flowering. And yes, last couple / few weeks they really pack it on.


Ok so my question is, is there a such thing and too much light, I have 3 lights in my flower tent (2) 600 watts and (1) 1000 wattis that ok, or too much, good or bad?


Can we get some model numbers. Wattage claims can be misleading

I learned that you need to keep everything in balance. More light means more nutrients and even more light means even more nutrients AND CO2.

Too much light without keeping up with the rest will fry your plants.

How big is your grow space?

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Ok I have a 3x3x72 grow tent with (1) 1000 watt Gixxer, (1) 600 watt Bloomspect, and (1) 600 watt Viparspectra, I feed them well with advanced nutrients pH perfect for coco, big bud and overdrive, along with very little RAW vitamin B in there too, I have 1 regular PRO CO2 bucket in the whole room for both tents, constant minimum 900 co2 max 1430, temp 70-80F RH 40-55

Oh and the Viparspectra is dimmable as well!!!

Then I have ANOTHER 600 watt dimmable Viparspectra and the cheap one that came with my first tent set up over my veg plants and baby seedlings

Probably should lower lights a little

@CMichGrower I gotta say I’m so glad I started this thread, cuz I DID NOT KNOW that more light equals more nutes and co2 but I do feed well as they can tolerate, and I already had the co2 but damn if I didn’t I don’t know where I’d be thanks for that info

In my flower tent? They’re already pretty close I’ve had to do some bending and manipulating to get them away from being too close to the lights they were getting the praying hands before

Yeah man congratulations you made it to flower just keep it up lower them a lil you’ll do even better next run