Will these colas fatten up?

So this isnt my first grow but I dont document as much as i should lol. I was just wondering if these colas will get fatter or are they doomed to stay this tiny. I flipped them to flower on August 13 at the time of this pic they are in week 3 of flower (Sept 5)

Yes buds tend to fatten up in the last few weeks but they may not with that blurple light u have I have one about two weeks out from harvest I used a similar light and the buds are dense I’ll post a pic here for you… Some say them lights are rubbish(true if you wanna plant more than one) but works fine to flower one plant


Nice! Ive used these lights before and got some nice chunky colas but was worried I messed something up by topping or something. I’ll keep updating though. Thats a pic of some cheese from farmers lab seeds.

The one I posted is a bb auto

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Flowers will continue to grow and bulk up through the 6th or 7th week of flower. You only have buttons at this point. They will get much larger.