Will these buds mature to fruition?

Hi all, towards the end of a run of White Widow autos and a couple of my plants look like the one pictured below. Very large buds, but almost no leaves left. Currently they’re in week 12.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I’m worried that the lack of leaves means they won’t reach an adequate level of ripe before the plant dies off.

If this isn’t normal, what could have gone wrong here? And, as asked above, is there still hope that they’ll still reach ripeness before the plant dies?


By the pistols you have some time to go yet. Have you looked at the trichomes? :blush::v:

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I know they have more time, I would imagine several weeks. I’m wondering if they’re ever going to be ready because of the lack of leaves on the plant.


I think you will be fine…many folks defoliate. You have enough to finish


My first grow I let a pH issue and a calcium issue go too far on one plant. All the leaves in the top buds went crunchy so I just trimmed them off. That plant had the biggest buds of the lot in the end. The plant did have more foliage down low than your plant seems too, but your’s should finish fine. Good luck.