Will there be new seeds added to the future?


I’m wondering if the ilgm team will or have plans to expand the excellent seed selection like maybe a skywalker og maybe a sfv ? Or whatever is popular by demand


Edit: just checked out the site . And I seen more seeds !


They do tend to add seeds fairly often


16 Different strains!



Actually checknout the seed babk they recently updated and skywalker is one of yne new ones @Terra-cotta


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31

Any idea why some seeds are more expensive than others ? Does that mean strain isn’t that good compared to the ones that are 20 bucks higher ?


@Terra-cotta it has to do with the parent strains, how many generations to get stable and the process of feminizing. I have made my own hybrids in the past and sometimes its almost impossible to get them stable.


If you look at different seed banks charge different amounts for all their strains. Additionally autos are a third price. Think of the ones that are $20 more as the caviar strains and the other ones are the really good ones!