Will the plant super flower In a week

It’ll probably stunt then a little bit you could top them (cut off the top flowers) especially if you’re considering junking the while grow anyway. You’ll control height and still end up with some harvest. Or like @JWhistler said, gently the them down, start off slowly and bend another inch every day till you’re at the height you want.

Worst case it breaks something and you’re still no further to dead plants than if you junked then.


I want to say thank you! I was thinking if I cut the plant it would die but I followed your instructions and I cut it down by like half a foot and the plant responded really by being totally uneffected. I am at week 11 I think maybe 10 but I think 11 and the top part of the plant looks amazing like someone sprinkled sugar on top of it…the bottom part I think due to change in temperature I over watered slightly so I got a few dead fan leaves…but also the bottom of the plant is just now pre flowering…when the top has been flowering…it’s not an amazing amount of bud but it’s something. I am thinking for auto flower really week 11 and I am just pre flowering on the bottom is this plant ever going to finish?


I was able to make peace with ILGM. I am just now looking at this message time line at week 11 I think…and the top of the plant looks amazing. It sparkles and looks like someone dumped powdered sugar on top of it. Still it’s not a ton of bud and it’s def not fat. Now I am thinking wow! How long can the plant keep growing? The top is good flowering nicely and shocked to see a crevice in the plant started flowering and it’s like a double stacked flower…it looks cool. But the bottom part of the plant Looks like it’s just pre flowering :joy::joy:. The top and bottom sections are flowering at different times :joy::joy:.

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What size tent is that? How many plants can you fit in that?

There’s lotta “industry secrets” you discovered one.
But I’m only on week 6 from germination I’ll be within my 10 week timeline
Week 6.5 20 plants 6.5*8.5 tent

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I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better about it all! Any chance of getting some pictures up?

The yellowing lower leaves happen naturally as the plants gets closer to the end of it’s life cycle. They’ll fall off as the mobile nutrients get eaten up.

Nice job bringing her to harvest!

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Awesome job with those ladies. You won’t even believe how fat those will get. This is the best part of the ride


Yep. Have plenty of time to fatten up! Looking good!