Will the fungus gnat mix kill off beneficial microbes in the soil

from a fellow grower: Will the Hydrogen Peroxide and Water mixture –that you have on your site - also kill beneficial microbes in the soil.? I am growing organically and really need to know before using it.

I’ve done the soil drench with peroxide and the next day I re-inoculated with beneficial/microbe life stuff. I used Microbe Life Plus-C. My plants loved it! They also loved the hydrogen peroxide soil drench! Then I switched to Microbe Life BMC, it’s BT and it doesn’t kill off any of the beneficial stuff and got rid of the fungus gnats. I also have the yellow stickies up. I layed the yellow stickies down on top of the soil after the peroxide drench and they caught a lot of gnats!

Peroxide degrades quickly into water and oxygen and roots love oxygen.
There is also a bacteria that kills fungus gnats as well as mosquitoes.
Look for Mosquito Bits on Amazon.

BTW I know a Tessa in San Diego area.

Hydrogen peroxide is not the best thing to pour in your soil. It will kill off your bacterial biome, and if too strong may damage your roots.

If you have fungus gnats use BTi, it’s available in a powder from eBay, ( which I recommend). 2 oz is all one needs for a major infestation.

It’s also in mosquito bits (although it’s weaker in the bits).

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I use the Bits in my rain barrels to keep the little vampyres under control.
It works perfect.
Never used it for gnats…I may have to one day but I keep the soil very dry and have had no issues yet.

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Put about 1/2" of course sand on top of soil . They say it will work.

Imho nope. It won’t.
Just order the BTi and be done with them in 2 weeks. It’s that easy.

I like your way , thanks

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Adding sand would theoretically work, but you’d have to keep it about 1” +deep, keep it from mixing with soil/nutes when feeding, and reapply more as needed.
Even then, those little bastards might still manage to find places to survive.

BTi is painless, organic, and fairly cheap as far as solutions go.

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If your by any drain holes. clean them with bleach and cover if possible. Having a fan helps keep them back… I also use an inch of pellets on the top soil. I always do this along with a dishsoap spray if your seeing them often

Since I already have the Bits for mosquito control I simply soaked some in water for a couple hours and then watered the plants with it.
No more fungus gnats.
I agree its the easiest solution.

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